a bouquet of firsts for Sarah-Maude Beauchesne

a bouquet of firsts for Sarah-Maude Beauchesne
a bouquet of firsts for Sarah-Maude Beauchesne

“Suzie Bouchard also helped us with the texts, but it’s really a project that started from me and my friend, Nicola Morel. In fact, we wanted to create new male role models on television. These guys are present in our entourage and they inspire us on a daily basis, but we did not necessarily find them in the fictions that we watched,” she explained during an interview with The Voice of the East.

Like several other journalists, your humble servant was able to view the first four chapters of Beautiful flower before the average viewer. At first, you may also have the impression of finding a fairly generic formula where a group of friends faces the great challenges of life. Ordeals such as early cancer, a difficult separation and the arrival of a child who will likely have Down syndrome.

However, the frame then tightens around the five male characters, rather far from the usual clichés. Starting with Nicolas Bellefleur (played by Guillaume Laurin), a popular comedian who suddenly has to give up his relationship with a child he considers his own son. And for whom he agreed to make great sacrifices professionally.


Guillaume Cyr, Jean Bui, Marc-André Grondin, Guillaume Laurin and Maxime De Cotret personify the five friends at the heart of the series. (Bell Media)

“Nico” does not hesitate to express his feelings and welcome those of others. Her exchanges with Ariane (Charlotte Aubin) are also quite heartbreaking.

“As an author who has written a lot about women, and who admits that it is her favorite subject, I realized over time that I still needed to write about men to feel that I “I argued that I was truly anchored in my desire for equality through my works,” indicated Sarah-Maude Beauchesne, known in particular for the literary blog The forks and the novel Slush heartwhich have been adapted for television and cinema.

This change of direction coincides with a social context where acts of violence against women, of all types, are unfortunately still too numerous.

“Current events tell us that men do not have diverse models. Femicides are horrible examples of this. […] We wanted to inspire people to break away from these stereotypes and redefine masculinity based on who they are. This is a very important mission for us.”

(Provided by Bell Media)

A star-studded cast

Singer-songwriter and producer for the Trio Orange company, Nicola Morel was in her first experience as a screenwriter. It was therefore his turn to benefit from the advice received from his partner a few years ago. The fruit of their work necessarily has an intimate character since the texts of Beautiful flower often reflect discussions that the couple “forces themselves to have”.

However, we presume that the new residents of Lac-Brome did not lose too much sleep imagining the final result on the screen. Trio Orange and Bell Media have clearly brought out the heavy artillery for this collaboration with Crave. Director Jeanne Leblanc therefore found herself in charge of a cast including big names like Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, Marc-André Grondin, Marilyn Castonguay and Guillaume Cyr.

“We are immensely lucky that this beautiful gang has agreed to play in our series. It was my dream to work with Sarah-Jeanne, who is one of my good friends. I find her so talented!”

— Sarah-Maude Beauchesne

“All the actors bring a layer of vulnerability and authenticity. They are immense talents,” added the 34-year-old author, who also delivers her own texts in the role of Raphaëlle.

Far from being satisfied with the influence offered by Netflix’s Canadian competitor, Sarah-Maude has “several lit rings” these days. She is writing for the cinematic sequel to Slush heartwhile his series Dance! is expected on Club illico before the end of the year. And other announcements could follow soon.



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