RBO back on TV!

RBO back on TV!
RBO back on TV!

“Do you want a scoop?» asked the author of these lines Guy A. Lepage, after emphasizing that he was preparing to begin, with Sylvie Léonard, the recording of another season of the legendary comedy series A boy a girla third after the relaunch in 2023, 20 years after the end of the first sequence which seduced the public from 1997 to 2003.

“In the next season, Sylvie will find that Guy is bored and will decide to invite her old friends home!”

— Guy A. Lepage, on the next season of A Guy, a Girl

And guess who Guy’s old friends will be? We can tell you that on Tuesday, all three of them, like Guy, wore a yellow coat with their names embroidered on it…

In short, yes, you will see the guys from RBO together again on TV, at least for a half-hour episode ofA boy a girl. A pleasant surprise for the public, and for the four guys who still get along like thieves.

“The first year, it was a gift we gave to the public with four new episodes ofA boy a girl, and it could have stayed there. But we did 10 more episodes in 2024, then this time we’ll do 12 more. What we will record is what you will see in 2025 on Extra de Tou.tv, then on Radio-Canada,” continues Lepage while André G. Ducharme, who works with him on Everybody talks about itannounced that he would be in the cast of the television comedy Bad weather next season.

Circus and records

>>>Why sing? will be entitled to its reprint on pink vinyl while The Disc will be entitled to his on yellow vinyl. And yes, the famous Loto-Scratcher will be included! (Jocelyn Riendeau/Le Soleil)>>>

But between now and the fall, RBO will be entitled to a Cirque du Soleil tribute show in Trois-Rivières and the return of its first two albums to record store shelves, one having led to the other. “It was the Cirque du Soleil show that inspired us to return to this musical universe. And in addition, launch a yellow colored vinyl (for The Disc) and pink (for Why sing?), it seems to me that it goes very well with the colors of Cirque du Soleil!” launches Yves P. Pelletier from the outset.

His colleague André G. Ducharme notes that several fans had asked them for new editions in the context of the increase in popularity of this audio medium. “And it must be said, vinyl sounds really good!” adds the one nicknamed “the little one”, specifying that the famous “Loto-Gratteux” which accompanied the first version will be present again on the 2024 version.

As for the coats they wore on Tuesday, the guys admit that they’re unfortunately not the same ones they were photographed with on The Discbut those that they had custom-made during the only previous reissue of this album which had been recorded for the first time on compact disc in 2006.

“It’s because of Richard Z. (Sirois) who had gained weight that we had to have it rebuilt,” laughs Guy A. Lepage in the absence of their formerly mustachioed friend who was also often their Turkish head during of the first seasons of their television show on Télévision Quatre-Saisons. The guys at RBO will also admit that the original coats no longer have their former shine after a few decades.


The members of RBO also took the time to re-listen to the two albums which are also almost 40 years old before moving forward with the project. “We were pleasantly surprised, we had spent a lot of time on the production,” explains Bruno E. Landry while Pelletier recalls the genesis of the first album, composed of songs and sketches.

“It was a ‘best of’ from our radio show [sur les ondes de CIBL-FM]but we had re-recorded everything in the studio.

— Yves P. Pelletier of Rock and Belles Oreilles

The songs were created in the studio, sometimes quite quickly. “The theme of Rock et Belles Oreilles, which later became the theme of the television show, was composed in a few minutes,” points out Guy A. Lepage before starting to sing “Rock et Belles Oreilles, these are five boys, Rock and Belles Oreilles, how rascals they are…”

Ducharme recalls that at the time, the group wanted its gags to remain timeless. “Sketches like those on old TV shows like Dallas, The Wonderful World of Disney Or Teleservice are funny even if we don’t know the reference,” he notes, citing the Carcasses album or Rémi AM/FM of Paul and Paul as influences, albums which are not recordings of shows but works which were created to appear on record.

“We did all kinds of forms of humor, absurd humor, but also parodies, political humor and also vulgar humor and a little pee-poo,” also recalls Lepage.


Even after several decades, the four guys from RBO still seem to have as much fun together and still show a great bond. (Jocelyn Riendeau/Le Soleil)


The new versions of these great classics will therefore be in record stores from June 20, about a month before the premiere of the Cirque du Soleil show in Trois-Rivières, on July 17. But to see the four boys (Sirois left the group in 1987 even if he remains a great friend) together, so smiling and still sharing this complicity leads one to wonder if we would not risk seeing them together again beyond this future episode ofA boy a girl.

“We always want to work together. We did sketches for Bye Bye 2021 and Yves and André also did a number together for ComediHa! Fest,” notes Lepage, supported by Pelletier and the other members of the quartet, all four of whom also carry out their personal projects.



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