Sister LB, committed rapper: “In Senegal, doing hip-hop means being committed”

Coming from a family of artists, Selbe Diouf, known as Sister LB, began her career as a rap artist in 2003 in Thiaroye-sur-Mer. Rap was obvious to her, but it is difficult to be a rapper in Senegal “Urban culture is not too well received in Senegal. We think that rap is only for bandits, people who smoke, who have no future. But we were still able to show that: yes it is possible to rap,” she declares.

Since 2003, Sister LB has put her committed flow in Wolof on all Senegalese Hip Hop stages and competitions. The artist’s rap is also accompanied by traditional instruments. She mixes, in fact, rap and the tradition of her country “I mix hip-hop with tradition, I’m of Serer ethnicity, I mix with instruments from my ethnic group, etc…I won’t say that I typically do rap, I in any case try to reach an audience differ from someone who only listens to urban music”, she adds.

Most of the artist’s musical productions are based on the causes of children, women and society. Before being an artist, Sister LB is a committed woman “Au Senegal, doing hip-hop means being committed and I am committed to women, so it was really the voice to take to amplify the causes that I defend. We talk a lot about themes that are a little risky: corruption, immigration, women, the role of women,” she says.




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