Julien Lacroix wants to leave the fool on stage

Julien Lacroix wants to leave the fool on stage
Julien Lacroix wants to leave the fool on stage

Calm and smiling, even serene, the comedian nevertheless made a point from the outset to indicate that he considered himself fortunate that the newspaper The Press and the Cogeco network carried out a counter-investigation last year into the allegations concerning him published four years ago in the newspaper The duty.

“Because there are things that I cannot say publicly, but that other people, including certain women whom Le Devoir had cited as denouncers, were able to say there”

— Julien Lacroix, about the “counter-investigation” published by La Presse and Cogéco into the allegations concerning him

On the occasion of his return to the stage, he chose to address the elephant in the room head-on. So yes, he talks about the denunciations that targeted him. And not by giving himself the good role, he assures. The comedian still remains realistic even if his shows are sold out almost everywhere, with 20,000 tickets sold and only a few tickets still available in Quebec.

“As for my public image, I know that I will have to carry this burden all my life,” he admits, adding that he would have put an end to his career on stage if the public did not didn’t answer well.

The fool

“I was afraid that now the theaters would just be like ‘Yeah, tabarnak!’ If you know what I mean?” he says, making a well-known sign with his index and little fingers.

“But no, there are men, women and, in the majority, people aged 18 to 35. Before, it was more 18 to 25 years old, but that’s normal, my audience has aged with me,” continues the 31-year-old artist, who admits that his partner delayed a little before going to see his show. “She also reassured me after seeing him,” he continues about his new one man show.

“I chose to construct this show by answering seven questions about what happened to me, and by choosing the angle where I am the fool,” continues Lacroix. He adds that it is his character, on stage, who is the imbecile, but he clarifies his thoughts when the author of these lines asks him if, apart from his character, he also considers himself the imbecile.

“In my life, I think I have been the fool in many ways, and it has hurt me”

— Comedian Julien Lacroix, denounced for sexual misconduct in 2020

“I acted like a fool and I mended my ways,” he would later add.

Actions taken in three cases when he was a teenager in high school and in another case in a bar, most of them under the influence of alcohol and drugs, adds the one who says he started using at 12 or 13 years old but says he has been sober for four years.

“It was a different time, that of high school parties where we acted like weirdos. A no is always a no but, at 15 or 16 years old, with the films we listened to, the music we listened to… even if I know that that doesn’t excuse anything,” continues the one who now wishes put aside the fool when he leaves the stage.

“Now my mandate is to be the most beautiful version of myself that I can be, to be a good family man, and of course to give a show funny,” continues the man whose two sons were born during his forced removal from the stage in the wake of what he describes as a “scandal like in the movies.”

>>>It was a calm and smiling Julien Lacroix, even serene, who met The sun to take stock of his progress over the last four years. (Frédéric Matte/Le Soleil)>>>

The whistleblowers

And these women who denounced his inappropriate behavior? Initially, there was talk of nine denouncers, but the comedian specifies that there are probably fewer, noting that some then said they were not among the victims. The comedian prefers not to return to his public quarrel with the comedian Rosalie Vaillancourt, formerly his friend and who had initially been listed among the victims.

“I don’t want it to pass from media to media as it has been happening for three years,” points out the one who has however reserved “two little barbs” for Vaillancourt in his new show.

Vaillancourt is one of the women linked to the scandal with whom Lacroix admits not having resumed contact. The comedian says he spoke to several of those who denounced him and managed to reconcile with at least one of them.

“She even worked with me on the show. It allowed me to keep good vision, it allowed me to have a good lightning rod and I thank her very much,” he continues. But how did he manage to rebuild the bridges? “It’s the beauty of talking to each other in real life, we no longer have the time spotlight on us.”

Despite everything that has happened, Lacroix says he considers #metoo a “super important” movement.

“I’m not going to knock this movement. Around me, there are only strong women.”

— Julien Lacroix, about the #metoo movement

And as for the looks that fall on him and the comments on social media, the comedian says he has built a shell for himself. “At the beginning, we almost had to block the page,” he admits. But now it’s just an occasional comment.”

Lacroix still admits that the entertainment world is still a little cautious towards him, even if things are starting to settle down. “People are afraid of being afraid and avoided discussing possible projects with me,” continues the man who wrote a lot, for himself, film and series projects, during these four years.

Help from Marie-Pier

A person who brought him a lot of comfort? The host and actress Marie-Pier Morin who had an experience similar to hers after having revelations concerning sexual misconduct that she had engaged in.

“She was a friend before the scandal. We were partying together…”

— Julien Lacroix, about Marie-Pier Morin

“I had a lot of opportunities to chat with Marie-Pier. On other occasions, we accompanied each other. Not everyone can understand these situations.

“She has experience of these situations which will happen more and more, these “storms of cancellation“but, ultimately, it is the public who decides what they feel like forgiving. I think the public is capable of sorting things out.”

For his part, Lacroix insists that he continues to mend his ways, that he remains happy in his sobriety and that he has chosen to help his neighbor through the organization Le Grand Chemin, a non-profit organization. profit for adolescents who have a problem with drug addiction, excessive gaming or internet addiction.

“It allows me to give back to young people,” summarizes Lacroix, who gave workshops in the centers of Montreal, Quebec and Saint-Célestin based on his personal journey.



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