the pioneering commitment of the Bourgeois family

the pioneering commitment of the Bourgeois family
the pioneering commitment of the Bourgeois family

“When it’s consistent with nature, we do it. » Régis Bourgeois thus summarizes the approach adopted by his family. And lists: “We have a vegetable garden, we make compost, we consume locally…”

A philosophy of life which may seem common, but which was not so widespread fourteen years ago, when the couple decided to install 300 square meters of solar panels on their house; or when he adopted a wood boiler in common with two other neighbors.

“We were a bit alone at the time,” admits the father, who is still “very happy with this system”, ten years later. “We buy the pads in the village.”

“It has become automatic”

The family, who also participated in 2017 in the “An Almost Perfect Household” operation, organized by Sydom (Jura household waste treatment union, located in Lons-le-Saunier), naturally came to change their Consumption habits.

At the time, Régis had initiated various actions with his wife Mélanie and his two children (then aged 3 years and 10 months), to reduce the family’s waste production. “We switched to reusable diapers, we started bulk…”

Habits that they have kept and even strengthened since then, favoring short circuits. “It has become automatic. We Source our meat and potatoes from neighboring producers, directly or through the parents’ association,” explains Régis Bourgeois.

“Farmers are more aware than others”

Régis sees his job as a farmer as one of the reasons for his early commitment. “We are more aware than others, being close to nature. We clearly see that it must be preserved. » The widespread awareness of recent years, however, reassures him. “This is going in the right direction,” he believes.

Also on the farm

He takes the initiative to the heart of his cheese cooperative. “We had solar panels installed in 2023. We have already managed to reduce our electricity consumption by a third, and we hope to do even better. »

This type of collective action (which here concerns around thirty milk producers) is even more significant in his opinion. “It’s less like a drop of water; when we do something, we see the effects more. »

Wood boiler and local wood chips

Just as the wood boiler room, used here, is powered by locally manufactured wood chips. “There is consistency. People buy cheese from us, we buy them wafers. »

Obviously, this has a cost, admits Régis Bourgeois. “It’s not economical but it’s ecological. Of course, the budget remains an obstacle, especially at the start of working life.”

Different levers can nevertheless be found, such as for the installation of a solar tracker or a rainwater collector, which this elected official from the municipality of Cuvier also tries to support by facilitating administrative procedures.




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