The teacher recruitment crisis is deepening



It is still too early to draw an assessment of the 2024 session of teacher recruitment competitions, the final results of which will be known in the summer, but the first trends hardly suggest any major improvements compared to the 2023 edition. . After 3,100 unfilled places in 2023 and 4,000 in 2022, teaching positions will not find takers for the 2024 school year, forcing the ministry to resort to contract workers.

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According to the first eligibility results compiled by The world with the competition management site Cyclades, several hundred positions are already vacant in the first level and around 90 in the second, figures which should increase once the competitions are over, the number of admitted being less than the number of eligible. The curve has not been able to reverse since the drop in registrations which took place between 2021 and 2022 with the passage of the competition at the end of the second year of the master’s degree. In this tense context, the government is banking on a training reform and moving competitions to the end of the license to remedy this in the coming years.

Already, the extension of the registration period by several weeks to fall 2023 does not bode well for a turnaround in the situation. The publication in January of the number of people registered for external competitions, namely those taken by people outside the civil service, confirmed a downward trend. Thus, the recruitment competitions for school teachers have 42,800 registered in 2024, compared to 43,350 in 2023. For external Capes, 20,755 students registered, compared to 20,832 in 2023. Decreases between 30% and 40% depending on competitions compared to 2021.

Very contrasting landscape

The eligibility results confirm the systemic crisis the profession is going through. As in previous years, however, they paint a very different landscape from one academy to another or from one discipline to another. In the first level, three academies concentrate the difficulties, year after year: Guyana, Créteil and Versailles. The last two academies have, by far, the highest recruitment needs in the country. In 2024, the Créteil academy will have 733 eligible for 1,037 positions; the Versailles academy 744 eligible for 1,230 positions; and Guyana 61 eligible for 152 positions. The additional competitions organized for several years in the Ile-de-France academies to increase the pools will only fill part of these gaps.

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