Laissac’s comments of May 14, 2024, Economy

Laissac’s comments of May 14, 2024, Economy
Laissac’s comments of May 14, 2024, Economy

Beef cattle: good recovery

Good commercial appearance, for the butcher livestock, this Tuesday, May 14 in Laissac. Inputs returned to their usual volume, easy to sell and maintain, particularly in industrial categories (slight added value in O and P).

During week 19, with two successive public holidays, the markets were somewhat disrupted, but demand remained very good in the face of modest supply. Regular activity in good goods of meat breeds, well maintained. In dairy and cross breeds, sustained sales, positive direction for most animals. Low volumes for the start of the week, stable commercial development.

Boutards: ease of sale

Nearly 300 heads, on the breeding side, which flowed without problem to their various destinations. Renewal of all courses.

Slow trade around the two holidays. Clear recovery from this Monday, with buyers there and active. Thus, in Châteaumeillant, dynamic transactions, generating a slight added value. In Cholet, active trade, prices trending upwards for well-formed Aquitaine and Parthenay blonds. Renewal for others. In Mauriac, contributions down slightly. Active search in good Salers and Aubracs, farm courses. Capping in females. In Bourg-en-Bresse, active sales, price progression. Request particularly focused on the right vaccinated subjects.

Infants: popular dairy breeds

Better represented this week (42 head), most of the animals sold regularly. We observed greater ease of sale in prim’holsteins and montbéliards, paid on bullish bases.

After two weeks disrupted by public holidays, export demand is regaining its dynamism. Faced with the modesty of contributions, transactions are active on many markets. Dairy and crossbred calves remain in high demand. Heavy subjects, intended for export, are well valued. In meat breeds, little represented, regular trade, at stable prices, at very reasonable levels.


Lambs for slaughter: workforce of 283 heads including 156 brass and 127 weaned. In a context of recovery, after the long Ascension weekend, we found dynamic trade with sustained sales and prices that were easy to maintain.

With the May 8 public holiday, followed by the Ascension weekend, many markets were postponed or more often canceled. The few markets open at the end of the week did not indicate any particular development. The reduced contributions allowed rapid sales and stable to firm prices. At the start of week 20, the Réquista market is showing a good trend, with sustained transactions and prices trending upward. During the week, volumes and needs will return to their level, allowing for a more representative trend.

Sheep : back in numbers this week (433 heads), they encountered more severe sorting and struggled to maintain their position.

Lambs : active demand, quickly absorbing all the animals (244 heads). Added value of €0.20/kg live.



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