Here are Switzerland’s favorite sneaker brands in 2024

A true cult object, sneakers come in many shapes and colors. Despite this vast choice, the Swiss seem to clearly favor one brand.

Nike, Vans, Adidas or Converse? When it comes to buying a new pair of sneakers, you’re spoiled for choice. And yet, one brand seems to clearly stand out over the others in Switzerland, at least if Galaxus is to be believed. This is New Balance, which accounts for 26% of the popular e-commerce site’s sneaker sales in the first quarter of 2024.

The success of shoes sporting the famous N on the side is nothing new. The brand sits at the top of the ranking of the best-selling sneakers by Galaxus since 2019. With one exception: in 2022, New Balance had to cede first place on the podium to Veja, a young French brand offering sneakers presented as durable and environmentally friendly. the environment. A commitment that seems to please consumers:

“Veja convinces with its sustainability strategy, especially compared to its competitors where this concept has not yet arrived”

Lina Friedrich, Galaxus

Veja’s growth was dazzling: still fifth in the ranking in 2019, with 7% of the total, she reached the podium the following year, which she never left again. It now represents 17% of all sneakers currently sold by Galaxus.

On the other hand, Nike followed the opposite trend: from 19% of sales in 2019, it fell to 7% in the first quarter of 2024. Its iconic Air Force 1 model still ranks fifth in the ranking of the most popular models. popular. Other classic shoes include the Vans Old Skool, the Converse All Star and the Superga 2750.

Veja is represented by three models in the bestseller list, while The Roger Advantage shoe, manufactured by On, also made it into the top ten. Absent from the top ten brands until 2021, the Swiss brand currently represents 4% of sales.

When it comes to colors, the Swiss are very uncreative. A third of models purchased in 2023 were white, another third, black. Blue and gray shoes represented 12 and 10% of sales, respectively. The share of yellow or red sneakers was only 1%. (asi)

Met Gala 2024 outfits

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Met Gala 2024 outfits

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