Traffic info: traffic is very complicated in the direction of the Léonard crossroads

Traffic info: traffic is very complicated in the direction of the Léonard crossroads
Traffic info: traffic is very complicated in the direction of the Léonard crossroads
You have to be patient

A vehicle broke down on the inner ring near Grimbergen in the direction of Zaventem.

This does not impact traffic, with 20 minutes still to be added between Expo and Machelen.

Further, 15 minutes must be added before the construction zone between Wezembeek-Oppem and Tervuren.

Large queues between La Hulpe and Carrefour Léonard when coming from Waterloo. 45 minutes should be added to your journey time.

Still 15 minutes between Overijse and Léonard on the E411, 15 minutes on the Brussels inner ring between Haut-Ittre and Halle towards Grand-Bigard and 20 minutes now on the E429 between Tubize and the Brussels ring.

On the outer ring, you slow down from Grimbergen to Jette (+10 minutes) and from Grand-Bigard to Anderlecht (+10 min).

2 slight slowdown zones of 5 minutes are also spotted on the E40 Liège-Brussels between Haasrode and Heverlee and between Everberg and Woluwé-Saint-Etienne.


Chaos at the Leonard crossroads

Several slowdown zones around Brussels with the most important, obviously, between La Hulpe and Tervuren on the outer ring towards Carrefour Léonard.

You already have to add 45 minutes in the direction of Zaventem.

There are also lines to access the Carrefour Léonard coming from Namur on the E411. You add 15 minutes from Overijse.

On the inner ring, you add 8 minutes between Haut-Ittre and Halle towards Grand-Bigard. Then 6 minutes between Grand-Bigard and Jette and 15 minutes between Expo and Machelen.

Finally, you add

15 minutes on the E429 between Tubize and Halle

15 minutes also in the south of the country between Weyler and Bridel in Luxembourg

20 minutes between Aalst and Affligem on the E40 coming from Ghent towards Brussels. A vehicle broke down in Affligem but was repaired.


Already an accident

An accident involving a single vehicle occurred in the left lane on the E411 Namur-Luxembourg near Hondelange in the direction of Luxembourg. Queues are observed between Arlon and Sterpenich (+15 min)

In Brussels, the lines move quickly at the Carrefour Léonard where you travel in a single lane towards Zaventem as towards Waterloo. Already now 30 minutes to slow down from Groenendaal to Zaventem.

Lines also indoors between Grand-Bigard and Jette (+4 min) then between Strombeek-Bever and Machelen (+5 min) and between Wezembeek-Oppem and Tervuren (+6 min)

You finally slow down for 6 minutes between Tubize and Halle on the E429 coming from Tournai.


First worries

3 small slowdown areas for the moment around Brussels:

On the inner ring of Brussels between Vilvoorde and Machelen towards Zaventem (+2 min) then on the outer ring between Léonard and Tervuren (+5 min) and on the E411 Namur-Brussels between Jezus-Eik and Léonard (+3 min) .



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