who is Mohamed Amra, the detainee who escaped with the attackers?

who is Mohamed Amra, the detainee who escaped with the attackers?
who is Mohamed Amra, the detainee who escaped with the attackers?

A prison van was attacked at a toll booth this Tuesday, May 14 while it was transferring an inmate. This is Mohamed Amra, nicknamed “The Fly”.

A prison van was attacked in Eure, this Tuesday, May 14, at the Incarville tollbooth. At least two officers were killed, three others were injured. They were moving Mohamed Amra, 30, nicknamed “The Fly”. This one is well known to the police and justice services.

This Tuesday morning, Mohamed Amra was heard by the Rouen investigating judge on a case of attempted homicide, in which he is indicted. He was on his way back to Évreux prison at the time of the attack.

Mohamed Amra, the man who escaped on May 14, 2024 during the deadly attack on a van in Eure. – BFMTV

The man was tried last Tuesday by the Évreux judicial court for aggravated thefts (thefts from supermarkets and businesses in the suburbs of Évreux between August and October 2019). He was prosecuted for seven offenses, acquitted on four, and sentenced to 18 months. The public court had requested 24 months of imprisonment.

Mohamed Amra was detained at the Baumettes prison in Marseille, at the Santé prison in Paris, and recently in Évreux, as part of his judgment rendered last Tuesday.

Indictment for intentional homicide

A Source close to the investigation explains to BFMTV that the thirty-year-old is also indicted in Marseille for intentional homicide committed on June 17, 2022 in Aubagne on a resident of Dreux, in a drug trafficking case.

Generally speaking, his record shows thirteen convictions for minor offenses: driving without a license, theft, refusal to comply and insults. He was the subject of special monitoring, as explained in a press release from the prosecution.

On BFMTV, his lawyer Hugues Vigier said he was “completely stunned”. “I find it hard to imagine that this boy could be involved” in these acts of “blind, dramatic, crazy, inexcusable violence,” added the council.

This operation “does not correspond to the profile that I had perceived of him. If he is involved, it is because I was truly mistaken about his functioning and what he was capable of” added this lawyer accustomed to cases of organized crime.

The detainee is therefore currently on the run with the attackers. The central GIGN, based in Versailles, goes to the site to support the investigators mobilized to find the perpetrators and the suspect.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin promised that “all means are being used to find these criminals”, in a message shared on X.

Stéphane Sellami and Pauline Revenaz with Tom Kerkour

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