overbooked garages following the recall of thousands of Citroën C3 and DS3 cars

overbooked garages following the recall of thousands of Citroën C3 and DS3 cars
overbooked garages following the recall of thousands of Citroën C3 and DS3 cars

The automobile giant recalled the majority of C3 and DS3 cars this Tuesday morning / Illustration

This Tuesday, Citroën recalled its C3 and DS3 cars following a defect concerning the Takata brand airbags.

It is one of the most used cars and yet the French automobile giant has recalled all C3 and DS3 cars sold between 2009 and 2017. The reason: a malformation was noted on the airbags of the Japanese brand Takata. These airbags can “ cause serious injury or death “. Citroën recommends that owners contact their dealer as soon as possible.

“The body of their inflator may be under too much pressure”

These are in all more than a million vehicles sold between 2009 and 2017 recalled by French automobile giant Citroën. Following the announcement, the government site Rappel.Gouv announced the identification numbers of the vehicles concerned. Among the vehicles concerned, we find more than forty references of Citroën models C3 and DS3 which could cause the premature explosion of airbags in vehicles.

Airbags have a risk to the of users. “The safety airbags supplied by this Japanese equipment manufacturer indeed suffer from a potentially fatal defect. As they age, their inflator’s body may experience too much pressure” says the specialty site largus.fr.

The driver and passenger airbag contains propellant, a product which can deteriorate over time. The danger increases in the event of an accident involving deployment of the airbags; they could rupture with too much force, thus injuring the users.

Dozens of calls every day

Clermontois users are not spared from this problem. Each day, There are around ten calls that the Paulin garage and Citroën dealership in Lempdes receive. According to Thomas, a mechanic: “Takata airbags are about half of the circulation“.

It is believed to create a certain panic among customers wanting to ensure that they are not in danger in their vehicle… or what to do if they are concerned.

On social networks, testimonies follow one another following the explosion of the brand’s airbags. Some claim to have received a letter asking them to stop driving their car.

Faced with the malfunction of their airbags, the Takata brand filed for bankruptcy in 2016 after a massive recall campaign for equipped vehicles in the States.



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