In Tarn, nursing homes open places for the most fragile and vulnerable

In Tarn, nursing homes open places for the most fragile and vulnerable
In Tarn, nursing homes open places for the most fragile and vulnerable

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If currently, the price charged to residents of nursing homes was set by each departmental council, with an identical price for all, everything will change in Tarn, at least in certain nursing homes such as “La Pastellière” in Saïx. Differentiated prices based on financial means will be authorized to guarantee access to nursing homes for the most vulnerable. We’ll explain it to you.

Price change in sight in nursing homes! This is one of the flagship measures of the “Aging well” bill, relating to old age and autonomy, recently voted on in the Senate and implemented in concrete terms by the Tarn departmental council, this Tuesday 14 May, during the signing of an agreement at the La Pastellière de Saïx nursing home, also in the presence of Mayor Jacques Armengaud.

An agreement which commits this establishment, from June 1, 2024, to apply a progressive rate system so that each resident pays according to the level of their resources. This action thus makes it possible to guarantee access to nursing homes for the most vulnerable. How ? With this system, it is a question of adjusting the average daily rate relating to accommodation, according to the residents’ resources. Concretely, the idea is to make residents who can afford it pay a little more, to free up additional resources in a context of galloping inflation which affects accommodation establishments for dependent elderly people on all their expenditure items. Operating.


Indeed, until now, the rate charged to nursing home residents was set by the departmental council, which determined an identical daily price for all non-profit establishments. From now on, for residents eligible for social assistance, who have the lowest incomes, it is the departmental council which will finance their accommodation.

The mayor of Saïx, Jacques Armengaud and Christophe Ramond, president of the Tarn departmental council, signed the agreement.

“This agreement therefore makes it possible to liberalize the prices notified by the departmental council with a margin of an additional €2.50, a sort of flat rate, which nursing homes can apply to residents with the highest incomes. In return, we are effectively asking establishments that 15% of their places remain reserved for people receiving social assistance, it’s a win-win,” said Emilie Barromes, deputy general director in charge of solidarity at the departmental council. To date, 18 establishments out of the 69 in Tarn have volunteered to sign this agreement and apply these new prices.

“We must be aware that needs will be growing”

A “concrete” measure in a context where “many nursing homes are in great financial difficulty” confirms Youssef Siline, director of the La Pastellière nursing home. “In 2022, our structure recorded a deficit of 179,000 euros so several alerts and reflections were launched as well as studies at the accounting level which noted a significant increase in expenses, particularly in terms of payroll. Since then certain solutions have been found in particular thanks to the departmental council but unfortunately, and this is a national reality, the road is still ahead And we must also be aware that the needs will be increasing So today, we need to be financially supported by. different actions and that of differentiated pricing is one of them,” added Youssef Siline.

“What is important to us is to allow all our fellow citizens, whatever their income, to be able to access quality public and associative nursing homes and this agreement on differentiated pricing is fully in line with this approach. And I finds that the principle of equality in France deserves that we also take into account the heritage of each person”, declared Christophe Ramond, president of the departmental council of Tarn, specifying that this system is legally provided for by the Code of social action and families, “however, it is very little used by the departments and very little deployed in Occitanie. At the same time, the departmental council increased its budget by 10% allocated to nursing homes, i.e. 27 million euros to “allow each structure to move forward calmly.”



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