Trudeau defends his government’s spending

While in Quebec, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau repeatedly attacked his conservative opponent on questions of the economy and housing, insisting that his government’s spending was responsible investments for the country.

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After a meeting with Mayor Bruno Marchand, the Liberal leader must announce on Wednesday the agreement reached between Canadian National (CN) and the federal government for the purchase of the Quebec bridge by Ottawa.

While waiting for this official announcement, Prime Minister Trudeau delivered a twenty-minute speech to the Garrison Circle in the presence of several ministers, Liberal senators and business people.

“The big criticism we hear from the Conservatives and others these days is that Canada is broken, according to them. And the perfect example is that the government spent too much,” said Mr. Trudeau.

Enviable location

According to him, Canada has invested a lot to get through the pandemic and the country’s situation remains enviable on a global scale. Canada is one of the few countries to hold an AAA rating from rating agencies.

“We have an economic recovery faster than anyone else, including the United States. Inflation has been painful and difficult and we are already in the zone targeted by the Bank of Canada. Let’s get one thing straight: Canada has the lowest deficit of all G7 countries. The world wants to invest in Canada,” he said.

Justin Trudeau did not deny, however, that many Canadians are currently experiencing difficulties with the increasing cost of living.

According to a survey published shortly before the tabling of the last federal budget, Canadians are increasingly worried about the deficits piling up in Ottawa.

“We need to invest strategically because the reality is that confident countries invest in their future and their citizens. This is what we must continue to do,” pleaded the Prime Minister.

Justin Trudeau believes that the Conservatives are currently taking advantage of the anxiety felt by part of the population. The Canadian situation, in his opinion, is far from negative.

Photo Jean-François Racine / Le Journal de Québec


“We are investing in affordable housing with the most ambitious plan that Canada has seen in generations. We are here to deliver the services and care that people need. We are the best country in the world,” Mr. Trudeau repeated.

Across the country, however, recent polls show that Canadians are mostly dissatisfied with the Liberal government. If elections had taken place this spring, Pierre Poilievre’s PCC would have won an overwhelming majority of seats in Ottawa. The vote is scheduled for fall 2025 at the latest.

“The Conservative Party believes that we should withdraw from investments to help Canadians, sit back and protect ourselves, and leave Canadians to their own expense. That’s not how we solve problems,” concluded Justin Trudeau.

Photo Jean-François Racine / Le Journal de Québec

-The Prime Minister’s speech was interrupted at the very beginning by the urgent discomfort of a guest. Outside, the dock workers of the Port of Quebec, locked out since September 2022, also attempted a noisy visibility operation.

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