the National Assembly adopts the constitutional revision project

the National Assembly adopts the constitutional revision project
the National Assembly adopts the constitutional revision project

After the senators, the deputies voted this Tuesday, May 14 for this text decried by the separatists in New Caledonia. In particular, it provides for the expansion of the electorate on the island.

While in Nouméa, a wave of violence broke out, the National Assembly adopted the constitutional revision project relating to the modification of the electorate for the elections in New Caledonia, shortly after midnight this Wednesday, May 15.

On the island, this text is contested by the separatists who fear a loss of electoral weight for the Kanaks. To be definitively adopted, the bill must now be voted on by Parliament meeting in Congress.

The government’s bill was adopted by 351 votes to 153, with left-wing MPs opposing its adoption. The RN and The Republicans largely voted in favor, like the overwhelming majority of the presidential camp, with the exception of a handful of MoDem deputies.

Emmanuel Macron proposed inviting all New Caledonian parties to Paris for a meeting with the government aimed at relaunching dialogue.

He also promised that he would not convene “in the wake” of a possible adoption of the text the Congress of Parliament necessary to modify the Constitution, in order to allow a last chance for discussions between the local parties.

“You will assume the consequences of your actions”

The debates progressed slowly this Tuesday, with little scandal, despite peaks of tension between Gérald Darmanin and La France insoumise, the Minister of the Interior accusing these deputies of parliamentary “obstruction”, with amendments sometimes changing a single word or expression.

The Insoumis rejected the criticism, accepting “editorial” amendments to benefit from speaking time on the reform, and withdrawing some, while accusing the executive of “lighting a fuse”.

“You will assume the consequences of your actions,” said Mathilde Panot, president of the group.

“This text is a step (…) do not give the feeling (that a) global agreement is impossible”, retorted Philippe Dunoyer (Renaissance), in reference to the agreement between loyalists and separatists that the executive hopes see it come to fruition.

If the adopted text comes into force, around 25,000 voters could join the electoral list, according to the Statistical Institute of New Caledonia. In the Senate, a mechanism has been added to allow the suspension of this constitutional reform if a local agreement occurs until 10 days before the next elections, which would then make it possible to do without constitutional revision

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