prisons blocked from Wednesday morning in Aube and Marne

prisons blocked from Wednesday morning in Aube and Marne
prisons blocked from Wednesday morning in Aube and Marne

A few hours after the death of two prison officers killed in Eure during an attack aimed at freeing an inmate on May 14, trade union organizations announced the blockade of the main prisons in Champagne-Ardenne from this Wednesday, May 15.

“We’ve all seen the images, it’s a real execution, it’s horrible”. Julien Decurninge, Force Ouvriere Justice delegate from Champagne-Ardenne, is still in shock. “I didn’t think it would come to this.”

The prison administration unions have decided to react without delay and launch a call for mobilization throughout France, starting tomorrow, following the fatal attack on a van transporting an inmate in the Eure on May 14.

In Champagne-Ardenne, many prisons will be blocked this Wednesday, May 15 from 6:30 a.m., in Reims (Marne) and in front of the brand new Lavau prison in the agglomeration of Troyes (Aube) and in Chalons in Champagne. Other prison establishments such as Villenauxe-la-grande (Aube), Charleville-Mézières, Chaumont could be affected.

Julien Decurninge is in shock. “They found themselves facing weapons of war with handguns,” and the FO union delegate to denounce a lack of human and material resources. He also denounces the lack of use by the justice system of conference vision to limit the transport of detainees, “we sometimes travel 300 kilometers for a simple signature with a judge“.

Among the demands of the unions, there are specific requests: the drastic reduction of extractions by favoring the use of videoconferencing of magistrates or their trips to establishments, an overhaul and harmonization of escort levels, the end of “mixed” escorts ” and at least three agents. The need for equal treatment in terms of resources between mainland France and overseas territories, better adapted equipment and materials, but also the accelerated deployment of cell phone jammers and drone control.

This list is far from exhaustive and we are requesting an audience tomorrow with the Minister of
Justice and its services in order to discuss all the points and those that arise from them. We have already discussed other related topics that directly impact our detentions, including
extractions. We can no longer accept penal overpopulation as well as the breakdown of
jobs which leave our workforce month after month both on the corridor and in our crews.

In any case, this barbarity must remain isolated and the administration’s response must be without
equivocal. Beyond the unwavering support that we provide to the entire prison family, we expect real consideration of the necessary means to be put in place in the face of this growing violence and the risk incurred.”.

The movement to block establishments should be significant tomorrow morning in Champagne-Ardenne, “what matters most is unity and solidarity”. A renewable strike movement “depending on the administration’s response.



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