29 tonnes of asphalt flow into a meadow

29 tonnes of asphalt flow into a meadow
29 tonnes of asphalt flow into a meadow

This Tuesday, May 14 in the morning, around 7:30 a.m., a 44-ton heavy goods vehicle overturned alone, on the RD 205t in Molines-en-Queyras.

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The driver, aged 21, was not injured. But the vehicle was transporting several tonnes of asphalt (an estimated volume of 29 tonnes), which were to be used for the work currently being carried out at Col Agnel. The road was able to remain open and traffic continue. The truck ended up on its side. The coating spilled into the neighboring meadow. The French biodiversity office should be involved in order to assess the damage caused.

Cranes deployed to free the heavy goods vehicle

The police and firefighters attended the scene. Drug tests carried out on the driver were negative. The Société route du Midi (SRM), owner of the heavy goods vehicle, sent cranes to free the vehicle. A first is sent, a second should come as reinforcement. SRM is also responsible for cleaning the asphalt. A track should be made to clear the meadow. Between this Tuesday and this Wednesday, everything should be resolved, according to Marcel Cannat, vice-president of the Department in charge of roads, who says “united» of the company.




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