Parents mobilize to save an eco-crèche

Parents mobilize to save an eco-crèche
Parents mobilize to save an eco-crèche

Parents are mobilizing to save the only subsidized forest crèche in the canton: today they submitted a petition to the Grand Council. The Dardagny eco-crèche could close permanently in June. The continuation of its activities is subject to authorization from the Territorial Department.

Making noise to defend your children’s nursery: this is the last chance strategy for a group of parents. They filed a petition to request the maintenance of the Dardagny eco-crèche. The structure needs a sheltered space for napping. She bought a trailer, but the Land Department refused the request for permission to install it. So a group of parents mobilizes: “We are the parents of the children, we fight because we think it is an exceptional project” explains Denis Schuler, one of the petitioners.

“This nursery is so good, it must continue”

The eco-crèche is managed by the Éveil en Forêt association. The committee is in discussions with the state; he refuses to comment: “We understood that the committee could not move, because it is in negotiations. So he can’t be on the side of the people who complain like we can, since we’re the parents, we don’t know what’s going on in their discussions. We are here just to say this nursery is so good, it must continue” insists Denis Schuler.

Land located in an agricultural zone

When contacted, the Territorial Department explained its refusal regarding the installation of the new trailer: “The location planned for the trailer is not possible because its installation is incompatible with the agricultural zone where it is located. The DT perfectly understands the mobilization of the families concerned. That said, he is in close contact with the committee to support it in its efforts to find a satisfactory solution for the start of the school year.

“The State is inconsistent between its services”

Despite this response, which is intended to be reassuring, Denis Schuler said: “The State is inconsistent between its services, even though it itself proposed this plot at the launch of the forest crèche project!” he gets annoyed.

The future of the eco-crèche and its employees remains in limbo for the moment, but also that of the 30 children looked after by the structure. In Geneva, there is a shortage of more than 3,000 nursery places.




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