Adji Sarr in exile, Sidath Thioune criticizes El Hadj, Amadou Ba returns

Adji Sarr in exile, Sidath Thioune criticizes El Hadj, Amadou Ba returns
Adji Sarr in exile, Sidath Thioune criticizes El Hadj, Amadou Ba returns

Hello and welcome to Senego’s morning show this Tuesday, May 14, 2024. Let’s start by exploring the news that marked the night. We will talk about Adji Sarr, Sidath Thioune and the return of Amadou Ba.

The controversial figure Adji Sarr tried to find asylum in Europe after controversial accusations against Ousmane Sonko, current Prime Minister of Senegal. Her request for asylum having been rejected in Switzerland, she now turns to France, facing an uncertain future with political implications. More details on Senego.

Furthermore, the atmosphere was tense on the airwaves of Rfm where Sidath Thioune did not mince his words towards El Hadj Assane Gueye, accusing him of not holding back his criticisms under the previous regime. Their entire exchange is available on Senego.

Finally, Amadou Ba, the former Prime Minister and unsuccessful candidate in the last elections, made a remarkable return to Dakar. Welcomed by his loyal supporters, he seems ready to strengthen his position in the Senegalese opposition. Their warm welcome can be seen on Senego.

  • Conflict at UCAD over the controversial appointment of Ismaila Madior Fallfrowned upon by the SUDES-ESR union (link).
  • Pape Alé Niang seeks to ease tensions at RTS, in the midst of a previous internal crisis (link).
  • President Diomaye Faye draws inspiration from Oumar Ibn Abdoul Aziz to advocate virtuous governance (link).
  • The tragedy of young Mamadou Seck, killed during a fight between Liss Ndiaga and Pokola Baldé, calls into question security (link).
  • Commercial rapprochement between Gambia and Senegal following a meeting between ministers (link).
  • Guité earthquake in Guinea which caused confusion and fear, without causing any casualties (link).
  • Rescue of 252 people at sea by the Senegalese National Navy, avoiding a tragedy (link).

We hope this review helped you better understand the notable events of the night. Have a good day and see you tomorrow for some morning news!



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