Mélissa Guex, dancing to chase away evil spirits – rts.ch

Mélissa Guex, dancing to chase away evil spirits – rts.ch
Mélissa Guex, dancing to chase away evil spirits – rts.ch

At the ADC in Geneva from May 14 to 16, French-speaking choreographer and dancer Mélissa Guex performs in duo with drummer Clément Grin. The performance, entitled “Down (Full Album)”, proves to be as magnetic as it is powerful.

Let’s start with a caveat. You’re not going to see a show, you’ll be immersed in it. With Mélissa Guex, no stage, no stands in rows of onions, no asses hanging on the chairs, the show is everywhere and you are also part of it. I assure you, she won’t ask you anything except to make room for her from time to time because she’s on the move, Mélissa Guex.

She dances wherever possible and especially in the middle of the crowd, weaving through the audience like a shaman in the middle of a purification rite. As for your participation, it is very easy. As soon as drummer Clément Grin starts hitting his drums, the tempo becomes simply irresistible. You too will stir.

Show as much as concert

“Down (Full Album)” is therefore a dance show and just as much a concert. There we find this energy which resembles catharsis, with ultimately the feeling of being together, all magnetized by this dancer who seems tireless, determined to galvanize the room and chase away the slightest evil spirit from the premises.

Mélissa Guex, we noticed her in the films of visual artist Augustin Rebetez, is a bit of a punk creature with rebellious hair. We were also able to discover her at Sévelin 36 in “Rapunzel”, a twist on the tale of Rapunzel and a feminist manifesto. Today, the princesses no longer wait for their salvation, cloistered at the top of a tower: if necessary, they break down the door with a tatane and force their destiny.

Dancing, a medicine for souls and bodies

Finalist of the Premio Prize, this marker of young Swiss talents, from the Compagnie du Marchepied et de la Manufacture, the High School of Performing Arts in Lausanne, Mélissa Guex beats the sole at her own pace: voluntary, tribal or tripal, well determined to eliminate the “downs”, those moments when the pressure drops and the mood is at half mast. Dancing is also practicing excellent medicine for souls and bodies.

Thierry Sartoretti/olhor

“Down (Full Album)” by Mélissa Guex, ADC, Geneva, May 14 to 16, 2024.

Mélissa Guex will also be on the bill at the FAR Festival, in Nyon, from August 8 to 18, 2024.




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