The Greens want more promotion and prevention in health

The Greens want more promotion and prevention in health
The Greens want more promotion and prevention in health

The occupation of the University of Geneva (UNIGE) by pro-Palestinian students lasted a week. It ended Tuesday morning. The police intervened at dawn to dislodge the fifty protesters who were camping at UniMail.

Around twenty uniformed and plainclothes police officers entered the building around 5 a.m., said Geneva police spokesperson Aline Dard. The agents carried out identity checks and loaded the young people into vans. The arrests took place “peacefully”.

At the station, the pro-Palestinian students were questioned one after the other by the police. In total, 49 people were interviewed before being released, said judicial spokesperson Olivier Francey. They are the subject of a complaint from the UNIGE rectorate for trespassing.

No more traces

Tuesday morning, UniMail had regained a studious atmosphere. There was no longer any trace of the building’s occupation. The Palestinian banners and flags that lined the walls and galleries were removed. The sofas, tables, armchairs have disappeared from the large hall.

UniMail has been restored, said UNIGE spokesperson Marco Cattaneo. Tuesday morning, security guards continued to screen entries into the building. Only members of the university community have access to it. These checks were put in place over the weekend for security reasons.

“Our desire is to lift this measure as quickly as possible, but for the moment, it is maintained,” said Mr. Cattaneo. The question of possible academic sanctions against troublemakers has not yet been addressed by the university management.


Students who participated in the occupation and supporters of the movement in favor of Palestine gathered on Tuesday morning in front of UniMail. A young woman described her arrest a few hours earlier by police officers with their faces covered, who woke her up and handcuffed her.

In a letter sent Monday to the university community, the UNIGE rectorate said it understood “the support and solidarity” that the student coordination for Palestine has shown towards the victims of the Gaza conflict. However, he asked him to “respect the safety rules” and legal limits.

The rectorate, since the start of the action a week ago, had underlined the illegality of UniMail’s occupation outside the building’s opening hours. He also demanded the removal of a banner which proclaimed the liberation of Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. A message that can be interpreted as a call for the destruction of the State of Israel.

Pro-Palestinian students, for their part, demanded in particular that UNIGE take a position for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and that it cease its collaborations with Israeli universities and research institutes. They denounce a “genocide” committed by the IDF in Gaza and describe Israel as a “colonizing and apartheid” state.

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