Land in Senegal, when the cruelty of an elite is dubbed by the partisanship of a populace! (By Dr Samba Faye)

Land in Senegal, when the cruelty of an elite is dubbed by the partisanship of a populace! (By Dr Samba Faye)
Land in Senegal, when the cruelty of an elite is dubbed by the partisanship of a populace! (By Dr Samba Faye)

A few days ago, the land carnage in Thies (Mbour 4) required the BDF president to travel to the scene. On the spot, he gets offended! The press reveals that it was shared between white-collar bandits! State clerks were cited. The most unfortunate is the attempt to justify Babacar Diop, mayor of Thies (not to mention the deafening silence of mayors Biram souleye Diop, Ousmane Diagne and Djité).

Far from being an isolated case, this “legalized theft” is a common practice. This is evidenced by the fragmentation of the Guédiawaye casuarina band (created in 1948 by a settler apparently more concerned with the future of the natives than our own leaders). Here too it’s the same modus operandi: helping yourself to bigwigs. The press revealed that 320 advisors, the cooperative of Land Registry agents (grantee of 5 hectares) had benefited. The highlight of the melodrama was the famous Tax and Estates union with 4 hectares in Wakhinane-Nimzatt while it already had 4 other hectares in Golf and 6 hectares in Gadaye; a total of 14 hectares (not counting the allocations of Alamadies 2, the fair, the breasts, etc.). If we are to believe the newspaper Les Echos, one of the members of the government, very close to Prime Minister Ousmane Sonko, has been awarded lot GW 1227 since July 23, 2021.

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We could have added the theft of land from the LSS airport, the Dakar corniche… In all these scandals, the same criminals… the tax and estates union, the Land Registry, politicians…

The most frustrating thing is the ” kindness “ of the gorgorlu who puts up with it as long as the author is in his good graces. Otherwise how can we explain that the same people who are moved by the carnage in Mbour4 endorse President Diomaye who has the nerve to tell us that he has free land in the heart of Dakar simply because he is a member of a union !

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Do we want to fight against land predation or ” finish “ certainly reprehensible adversaries? THE “reboot” work on the cornice gives us a clue for those who want to see!!!!

If we want to resolve this land squandering, we must tackle this villainous legislation which gives the Taxes and Lands Union, the Land Registry, a right of foundation… with the guilty silence of a certain civil society which thinks that the right of the citizen is Stop voting!
It is important that this institutionalized social disparity for the benefit of the same people, in various forms, ceases. Will Diomaye have the courage to stop the dairy cow who graciously gave him a home?

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Dr Samba Faye
Spokesperson for the Republic of Values



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