Landslides are increasing in our territories

In Corrèze, no less than 150 disorders of this type have been recorded since the start of the year on the department’s roads. A direct effect of climate change naturally taken seriously explains Jean-Marie Taguet, vice-president of the Corrèze departmental council, delegate for roads: ” It is a subject that was taken very seriously. We have also been trying to do prevention for two years. We have signed contracts with companies that allow us to carry out geotechnical monitoring in high-risk locations. So this prevention is more necessary than ever. But we cannot monitor the 4,700 kilometers of road that we have in the Corrèze department. We have some hard points that we are monitoring a little more. But it’s true that it’s a phenomenon that brings reflection.”

Climate deregulation

“This phenomenon is due to climate change, continues Jean-Marie Taguet. We have nevertheless noticed it since the end of 2023 and in the first months of 2024 with these heavy rains. Land that has been very dry and now with the heavy rains is causing landslides, whether embankments, road subsidence or even retaining wall failures.




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