“The difference between Orange France and Orange Senegal is obvious”, (F4C)

The Front against the high cost of Connection has been brought to the baptismal funds. last Friday in Dakar. The F4C aims to fight against the exorbitant price of the connection, the unstable network, and the disparities in speeds between urban centers.

“The difference between Orange France and Orange Senegal is obvious. The levels of service are not comparable, and the Senegalese deserve better,” declares the Front against the high cost of Connection (F4C).

Moustapha Bassirou Gueye, member of the F4C, spoke out this Monday about their fight. He deplores a huge difference in internet prices between France and Senegal. “If you buy 2000 FCFA, you have 2.5 GB and for 5000 FCFA, you have 7 GB. If we compare it with France, if you buy 5000 FCFA, you have around a hundred gigabytes, unlike Senegal, where we have 7 gigabytes. This is something to really deplore. »

On its official page, the F4C has published comparisons of the cost of the internet.

The objective of the F4C is to demand fairer prices from telephone operators and make internet access equal, continues Moustapha Bassirou Gueye.

Moreover, a Petition for the Reduction of the Cost of the Internet and Telephone Calls in Senegal was launched by the F4C for this purpose. “Current prices are prohibitive and limit our access to essential connectivity for economic and social development. We call on the relevant authorities to act quickly to make these services more affordable and accessible to all,” they said on change.org




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