Yvelines: against drug dealers, a mayor bans gatherings of more than two people

Yvelines: against drug dealers, a mayor bans gatherings of more than two people
Yvelines: against drug dealers, a mayor bans gatherings of more than two people


Ludovic Vincent

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May 13, 2024 at 4:56 p.m.

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“Any gathering of people (from 2 people) disturbing the peace, security and public health is prohibited from 8 a.m. to 4 a.m. » The mayor of Triel-sur-Seine (Yvelines), Cédric Aoun, signed a municipal decree on May 7, 2024 to “put an end to deal points”, according to his explanations published on his Facebook account Friday May 10, 2024.

This restriction concerns a dozen placeswith particular attention to 160, rue Paul-Doumer, the address of the café brasserie Le Fontenoy, “where specific signage” has been put in place, with markings on the ground to “allow freer movement of pedestrians and disabled “.

Places affected by the ban

* Rue Paul-Doumer (between rue Cadot and rue Eugène-Senet).

* Quai Auguste-Roy (between rue de la Seine and n°56, including the Foch car park and Place Prévost).

* Rue Cadot.

* Rue du pont.

* Rue des Kennels (from No. 1 to No. 12).

* Station Square.

* Rémi-Barrat car park.

* Rue Eugène-Senet.

* Senet Park.

* Châtelaines shopping center (9-11 rue des Châtelaines).

* Les Châtelaines college car park (5 rue du moulin).

* Jean-de-la-Fontaine school car park (30 rue des Saussaies).

“Clean up the street a little”

“If it can clean up the street a little!” », Confided a trader, on condition of anonymity, Monday May 13, 2024, in the morning. “ There are more and more people squattingand not only young people from Triel and it bothers passers-by who no longer dare to circulate in this place,” said another.

“It’s true that it smokes, like everywhere, but it’s not a deal point,” replied two young people we met at the scene. The mayor exaggerates. »

“The mayor made us lots of promises before the elections and now he is attacking us because he no longer has any support at town hall. »

Two young people from Triel-sur-Seine

L’local political news has not escaped these idle cannabis consumers. Rejected by the vote of the municipal council, the 2024 budget awaits the return of the Court of Auditors and the opinion of the prefect. Meanwhile, Cédric Aoun assumes his duties as a judicial police officer linked to his status as mayor with zeal.

Assault with contempt

Friday May 10, 2024, during his video, Cédric Aoun assured that he had been the victim of an “attack with outrage” on the part of a cannabis user near Fontenoyjust before filming himself.

“He showed up without introducing himself, taking pictures and grabbing a guy who wasn’t even from Triel. The other one just slipped away. »

A witness to the scene

Originally from Val-de-Marne, the accused should be tried in January 2025 according to another message published on Cédric Aoun’s Facebook account. The mayor of Triel refused to answer our questions on this matter.

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