The Gambian Aisha Fatty, the business manager Abdoulaye Thiam, the salacious videos… – At the origin of a case of alleged sextortion…

The Gambian Aisha Fatty, the business manager Abdoulaye Thiam, the salacious videos… – At the origin of a case of alleged sextortion…
The Gambian Aisha Fatty, the business manager Abdoulaye Thiam, the salacious videos… – At the origin of a case of alleged sextortion…

She is ultimately in the hands of Lady Justice. Indeed, the dreaded but formidable Special Cybersecurity Division (Dsc) had for years been on the trail of the Gambian Aisha Fatty can breathe a sigh of relief.

Aisha Thiam, was arrested in Karang, on the Senegalese-Gambian border, according to consistent sources.

From this affair, our colleagues from the daily Les Echos wrote that it holds captures of obscene and explosive videos from the CEO of an IT company named Abdoulie Cham (a Senegalese-Gambian)

According to the newspaper’s account, A. Thiam and A. Fatty met in February 2021, through a friend of Thiam, a certain M.Diaw. The Gambian then came to Senegal to undergo medical treatment before returning home. They end up falling in love. To bridge the distance, the couple exchanged via video calls, which could turn into a striptease session.

What Abdoulaye Thiam did not know is that his Gambian fiancée took the opportunity to take video captures of his naked images, for a very specific purpose, the newspaper points out. Which specifies that A. Fatty ended up showing his true face by threatening the accountant to disclose his captures on social networks.

Panicked at the sight of the images, he hastened to seize the men of Commissioner Aly Kandé, the Dsc cops, for breach of trust and fraud against the accused. It estimates the financial damage at more than one billion CFA francs, including 2 Mercedes and Benz Gle S3 and Gle 63S vehicles, costing 60 and 160 million CFA francs respectively, and the purchase of real estate at 19.5 million F CFA, and more than 198 million for the purchase of a villa at the Waterfront Fajara residence in Gambia as well as gold jewelry estimated at 800 million.

Actively sought after, A. Fatty was holed up in a town in an Arab country.

It is our understanding that the property in question would be seized except for the money.

Dakarposte, which is following the evolution of this affair like fuel to the fire, promises to come back to it in detail.

Who is Thiam?

This Senegalese-Gambian was cited in what some prosaically call “the affair of Macky Sall’s limousine” which caught fire in Ngueniène during the funeral of the late Secretary General of the Ps.

“Thiey Dakar” wrote that it was Abdoulaye Thiam, the president of Computer Land who had purchased the Mercedes Maybach in question in the United States, before carrying out a facelift on the vehicle by Mexican specialists.

He then transported the car to Dakar to offer it to the head of state. But, he had difficulty getting the car out of the port. In any case, the State had decided to buy the car under customs duty for 375 million CFA francs, instead of accepting it as a gift.
Abdoulaye Thiam is known for having won several state contracts in the IT field. In 2018, he launched the first computer equipment manufacturing and assembly plant in Senegal, at the technopole, for an investment of 10 billion FCFA. He is the president of the Computer Land foundation which supports academic excellence by providing scholarships and computer equipment to students and the Ministry of National Education.

But the question that deserves to be asked is whether Abdoulaye Thiam had taken care to carry out all the necessary technical and safety checks before transporting the vehicle to Dakar, especially for a car which was intended to the President of the Republic?

In any case, the accident which occurred in Nguénièe, while the head of state Macky Sall and his Malian counterpart Ibrahima Boubacar Keita, were in the vehicle, before being exfiltrated by the presidential guard, calls for many questions about the Actual condition of this vehicle. This, even if according to some sources, the car had low mileage.

We can also wonder about the treatment that the vehicle has had in the vehicle fleet of the Presidency of the Republic. Especially if you know that the car has been subject to modifications.

In any case, the affair is at the same time unprecedented, surprising and worrying, even if the worst has undoubtedly been avoided.

In another register, the same Thiam was at the heart of an over-the-counter transaction of 41 billion CFA francs

Seneweb published on July 11, 2021 that Abdoulaye Thiam of Computer land, its best-known company, benefited from an over-the-counter market of 41 billion CFA francs to, supposedly, create Open Digital Spaces (Eno) . But since the contract was awarded, delivery has been slow. Which is not surprising if we know that this sulphurous businessman, once close to Abdoulaye Wade who had granted him a controversial contract at the State IT Agency (Adie) It’s not his first time.

As Libération revealed, in December 2018, the project to build and operate a computer equipment assembly plant was launched with great fanfare at Technopole. A market that was to be executed by the African Society for Information Technology (Sati), also controlled by Abdoulaye Thiam, who is said to be close to the First Lady. Moreover, Sati assured at the time that its first smartphones would be on the market “in 9 months”.

Better still, the project, whose cost is estimated at 10 billion CFA francs, would create “10,000 direct and indirect jobs”, sang Sati. But, to this day, only the first stone, laid at the time, is still on the site.



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