Maria-Goretti Park will take on the colors of local art

Maria-Goretti Park will take on the colors of local art
Maria-Goretti Park will take on the colors of local art

Quebec, May 13, 2024 – The Maria-Goretti municipal swimming pool, located in the heart of Charlesbourg, will soon be embellished with a two-dimensional work of art. The call for proposals is open to artists from Quebec City. The deadline to submit your project is June 5, 2024.

By Florence Bordeleau

“The competition is part of the new developments of the park, which include in particular the upgrading of the outdoor swimming pool and the construction of its new pavilion,” explains the City. This desire to improve public spaces through art is increasingly common in Quebec projects. In fact, we have already seen similar projects come to fruition, particularly in Beauport, last year.

Beauport. Panorama Charlieby artist MC Grou (Photo: City of Quebec)

As with previous projects, the work of art must be able to be appreciated by all citizens, regardless of their means of travel: of course, users of the place must be able to enjoy it, but also motorists, and people traveling on the sidewalk of the adjacent street, rue Paul-Comtois.

“The creation must integrate harmoniously with the facade of the swimming pool pavilion in dialogue with its contemporary architecture. Through the conceptualization of his work, the artist must take into consideration the vocation of leisure, sports and community life of Maria-Goretti Park. »

Quebec City

Interested people can consult the competition rules and registration procedures at

Maria Goretti, a Catholic martyr

The City did not emphasize the symbol behind the name municipal park, which at first glance raises some questions – but which could perhaps help to inspire the artists who will apply for this competition.

Maria Goretti is an Italian born at the end of the 19th century. It is said that, from an early maturity, she quickly became a perfect housewife who attracted the attention of the men of the village, including that of a malicious neighbor. One day when she was alone, he took the opportunity to try to sexually assault her. Resisting her advances to, it is said, respect the will of God, he violently injured her – and she succumbed to her injuries the next day, in hospital. The young woman was immediately sanctified for her righteousness and her great piety.

If this woman may at first glance seem very far from our reality, both in terms of her temporality and her origin, she nevertheless seriously reminds us of the number of feminicides in Quebec, which has been on the rise for some time. Its scope is therefore much more current than it seems.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you can contact SOS Violenceconjugale at 1 800 363-9010.

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