Europeans 2024 in Seine-Saint-Denis: LFI is banking on the vote in working-class neighborhoods

Europeans 2024 in Seine-Saint-Denis: LFI is banking on the vote in working-class neighborhoods
Europeans 2024 in Seine-Saint-Denis: LFI is banking on the vote in working-class neighborhoods

We call on citizens to vote and not to have the election stolen. In 2022, La France Insoumise succeeded in mobilizing working-class neighborhoods, particularly in Seine-Saint-Denis. I remind you that 10 million people are incorrectly or not registered. Or 20% of the electorate“, explains Mohamed Awad to summarize the main issue of the European campaign.

For LFI, the concern less than a month before the one-round election, on June 9, is abstention, estimated between 50% and 55% in France. Manon Aubry’s list is given in fourth position by the polls, with 8.5% of the votes.

At 31, Mohamed Awad appears on the LFI list, alongside four other co-listers from Seine-Saint-Denis: Camille Hachez, former national head of young ecologists, Guillaume Lescaut, teacher in REP+, Mehdi Chtioui, teacher, head of an association supporting academic success and Laetitia Rigaudière, administrative agent in the public service, activist of the Seine-Saint-Denis au coeur collective.

Although he is campaigning for the first time as a candidate, Mohamed Awad has already cut his teeth in politics. A lawyer in public law, he has been secretary general of the LFI group at the Ile-de-France regional council since 2021 and parliamentary collaborator of Paul Vannier, deputy for the 5th constituency of Val-d’Oise. But, he recalls, “I was an associative actor in the educational success at the Cité des 4 000 in La Courneuve [ville où il vit]. I joined La France Insoumise in 2017, during the presidential elections.”

In terms of European policy, Mohamed Awad criticizes “a catastrophic migration policy at the cost of thousands of deaths in the Mediterranean Sea instead of establishing reception conditions“. He also criticizes the inaction of the European Union in the face of climate change but first targets “austerity which imposes on us a savings plan of 10 billion euros in savings in France and which will be 20 billion in 2025.”And the candidate recalls that “the rebellious group in the European Parliament is the only one to have voted against all free trade agreements.

For Mohamed Awad, the European elections have an obvious national stake. “The objective, on June 9, is to send a strong signal to the country to create the conditions for an alternative to the duo formed by the Macronists and Bardella-Le Pen from this year, with a view to the 2027 presidential election.”

The other subject which electrifies the debate of this European campaign: the war in Gaza. “Many of us are suffering from this unbearable situation. There are more than 33,000 deaths in Gaza, the majority of them women and children. Netanyahu’s genocidal enterprise must be stopped [le premier ministre israélien]. This impunity must end. I recall that the rebellious delegation is at the origin of the only amendment in the European Parliament requiring a ceasefire. France must play its role. It is also an issue of June 9“, enjoins the candidate.

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