Val d’Oise. An envelope of 24.8 million euros for the Department’s Bicycle Plan

Val d’Oise. An envelope of 24.8 million euros for the Department’s Bicycle Plan
Val d’Oise. An envelope of 24.8 million euros for the Department’s Bicycle Plan


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May 13, 2024 at 6:52 a.m.

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This is a common desire of the large towns of Val-d’Oise and the Department. Put cycling at the heart of a real development strategy.

“The mobility of all is one of the major challenges for the future of Val-d’Oise”, underlined Marie-Christine Cavecchi, president (Lr) of the Val-d’Oise Departmental Council, on the sidelines of the presentation of cycle route development program as part of the Plan Vélo in Val-d’Oise recalling that “since 2019, we have invested nearly 17.4 million euros and built more than 21 kilometers of cycle paths”.

24 new routes

On the occasion of the last plenary assembly of the Department on Friday April 26, it is a budget of 24.8 million euros which was voted for the period 2024-2026.

30 new kilometers of cycle paths will be created and 24 new routes will be studied. We sense growth and a demand from all communities to be supported in addition to the work we are carrying out on the departmental roads.

Noellie Plelan departmental advisor in charge of the bicycle plan

The program will make it possible to accelerate development projects (works and studies) for soft mobility in the region. He understands several cycle path developments notably between rue d’Éragny in Neuville up to rue du Brûloir in Cergy (2.4 km), “a very beautiful project”, noted the departmental councilor.

A 1.3 km route is also planned between the Grand Val shopping center in L’Isle-Adam and the town center of Mours, while the Department will continue the projects already launched to the east between the RD9 and the RD10 in Villeron, Louvres and Marly (1.9 km), and in Vexin with the development of the greenway in Chars and Marines to serve the middle school, high school and train station (1.4 km), and the Seine by bike in the towns of La Roche-Guyon, Vétheuil and Haute-Isle (8 km).

Creation of cycle paths

Cycle paths will also be created along the RD47 in Goussainville (2.1 km), as well as in Eaubonne with the requalification of Avenue Voltaire over 840 meters in the continuity of Avenue de Saint-Leu. “We had an accident on this avenue, it is important to make it safe,” insisted Noellie Plelan.


Finally, greenways are also included in the program. Unlike cycle paths reserved only for cyclists, these are open to non-motorized two-wheelers, as well as pedestrians, rollerbladers and sometimes horse riders. One will be created on the strategic Cormeilles-en-Parisis road (1.5 km) “which will see the passage of the Olympic flame”, enthused Marie-Christine Cavecchi, the other will take shape along the RD10 between the Francilienne and the Bouqueval roundabout in Bouqueval, Le Plessis Gassot and Fontenay-en-Parisis (2.9 km).

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In 2023, 7.4 million euros were invested in the Cycling Plan in order to develop 5 kilometers of new cycle routes, both for everyday travel and leisure cycling. As part of the Val-d’Oise Territoires Fund,The Department also supports communities in financing their projects to create cycle paths. Last year, departmental aid amounted to 600,000 euros to help develop 6.5 km of cycle routes on municipal roads.

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