Maine-et-Loire. Rave party: 5,000 infractions, 400 people still on site, we take stock

Maine-et-Loire. Rave party: 5,000 infractions, 400 people still on site, we take stock
Maine-et-Loire. Rave party: 5,000 infractions, 400 people still on site, we take stock


Thomas Cherbonnel

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May 13, 2024 at 3:22 p.m.

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Of Wednesday 8 At Sunday May 12, 2024an illegal rave party took place in Parnaynext to Saumur. While one man died during the event, the Prefecture of Maine-et-Loire takes stock of the situation Monday May 13.

Approximately 10,000 people took part in this free party, on a site judged by the prefecture to be “almost saturated”, with “a real security problem”.

Sunday May 12, a man aged around thirty died following a cardio-respiratory arrest. An investigation is underway to determine the exact circumstances of the death.

Nearly 400 people still on the site

This Monday at the beginning of the afternoon, the Maine-et-Loire prefecture took stock of the situation.

She informs that at 12 p.m., the vast majority of participants in the free party which took place illegally in Parnay left the premises.

Currently, “a little less than 400 people still occupy the site, partly under the influence of drugs and alcohol”, indicates the prefect.

The departmental fire and rescue service and the Samu remain vigilant to help people still present on the site.

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Note that during the activation of the first aid station set up by the State with the support of approved civil security associations 216 participants were taken care of.

650,000 euros in fines

“At the request of the Prefect of Maine-et-Loire and of the Public Prosecutor of Saumurthe gendarmerie deployed a vast operation to control exits from the site”, can be read in the press release published by the prefecture.

The gendarmes thus noted a total of 5,180 offensesrepresenting a total amount of fines of more than €650,000.

In details, 2,508 verbalizations were arrested for participation in nocturnal disturbances, 2,100 for participation in a prohibited demonstration.

288 fixed fines were also issued for possession of narcotics, 44 for driving under drugs, 39 pipes under the influence of alcohol.

184 police offenses of the road were also recorded and 17 vehicles were put into pound for inconvenient parking.

Checks continue.

Seizures of sound equipment

By decision of the Public Prosecutor of Saumur and Prefect of Maine-et-Loire, the police station carried out actions to seize the sound equipment.

“This on-site intervention having triggered violent reactions from several hundred participants against the police, the confiscation of the materials was deferred until the departure of the transport trucks,” indicates the prefecture.

More than 60m3 materials were thus seized.

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