What is the story of the crocodile present in this Côtes-d’Armor port?

What is the story of the crocodile present in this Côtes-d’Armor port?
What is the story of the crocodile present in this Côtes-d’Armor port?

Unlikely. If the port of Dinan, in Côtes-d’Armor, is inhabited all year round, it has recently become home to a rather original resident: a crocodile. Stuck between two boats, only the reptile’s head and tail protrude above the water. Phobics can rest assured, he doesn’t attack and doesn’t move. This is a decoy.

But the deception works. Walkers and curious people stop at the sight of the pseudo-animal. “All this is at the initiative of the permanent residents”says, with a laugh, Damien Vincent, master of the port of the medieval city.

“A joke from the 1er april “

“I left a boat available to boaters who needed an annex to get around the port”, traces Damien Vincent. But he quickly notices that his proposal is not used because everyone has their own annex. “Some people from the port asked me if they could use it to do something fun, and they created the flower power boat. »

Like a sort of garden on the water, the annex now accommodates aromatic herbs and flowers. “It’s a good idea, I would eventually like to do the same, by putting strawberries on my barge”recognizes Dawa, a mosaicist in Dinan, also a resident of the port.

And the crocodile in the story? It is located just behind the famous flower boat and is also the fruit of the imagination of the people of Dinan. “It was a joke that one of the residents made on the 1er april, adds Dawa. And it was successful, I myself was surprised when I got out of my boat that morning”. Liking the idea, he took out his phone to share the photo on social media.

On Damien Vincent’s side, the same feeling. “It’s important to set the mood, and to have a laugh, in our ports, this creature is really something nice that catches the eye of passers-by. »

Soon joined by others?

The animal is not expected to immediately migrate to warmer waters. “It will stay there, just like the annex, says the port master. They are located on a pontoon on which boats cannot be moored since it is on a bend. So it is better to put some nice decoration. »

Dawa, for his part, assures that the reptile is intended to stay until it sinks. “It may even be that he will soon be joined by others, slips the artist. We’re going to make this port happy. »



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