“It’s lamentable”: the anger of Côtes-d’Armor fishermen at the serial theft of their traps

“It’s lamentable”: the anger of Côtes-d’Armor fishermen at the serial theft of their traps
“It’s lamentable”: the anger of Côtes-d’Armor fishermen at the serial theft of their traps

The boaters of Ploumanac’h, many of whom set out traps to catch crabs or lobsters, did not take off.

Lately, thieves are taking not only the contents, but also the container of their catch.

A TF1 team went to the site.

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It’s a pleasure every morning for these two fishing enthusiasts. Go out to sea, take their traps, and discover their contents. That day, the fishing is good: beautiful spiders await them. But sometimes, it’s an unpleasant surprise that awaits these boaters from Ploumanac’h (Côtes-d’Armor). “There are days when we have nothing. And there are days when people come before us to relieve them, so there’s really nothing there...”, laments one of them.

Shellfish are stolen almost every day in these waters, which are very rich in lobsters, at a price of 50 euros per kilo. And sometimes, it’s the locker itself that is stolen. “There is the locker itself which is worth 100 euros, there is the rope which connects the locker to the buoy which is worth 50 euros, and all the buoys which moor it all. It’s 200 euros per locker“, continues our boater.

“It was someone I knew well”

The irony is that it is experts who steal these traps: often from other fishermen, to use them in the same waters under another flag. A fisherman expresses his “anger” in front of our camera, after discovering the identity of one of his thieves: “He was someone I knew well. And if he did it to me, being a friend, then what was he doing to others? It’s sad to see that,” he laments.

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Boaters are disappointed by a record number of thefts: 40 lockers have disappeared since last month in Ploumanac’h. To protect their equipment, some have decided to hide a GPS tracker in the bottom of the locker. For each movement, an alert sends a link by SMS, thanks to which the owner of the locker can see directly where it is located.

This Breton technology has already made it possible to arrest thieves. “They had stolen around forty traps, not counting the lobsters. The gendarmes arrived at their house, they were freezers full of lobsters“, says Olivier Descoubès, founder of Heol Design, the company which produces and markets this solution at 139 euros, increasingly in demand by fishermen. On the Channel coast, around a hundred traps are already equipped with these tracers .

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