Cotentin. These stables will become a trotter training center

Cotentin. These stables will become a trotter training center
Cotentin. These stables will become a trotter training center


Jean-Philippe Massieu

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May 13, 2024 at 1:24 p.m.

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THE stables from Ravenoville (Manche) were for sale since this spring 2024. They have already found a buyer. More exactly, a sales agreement has been signed.

The site of more than 70 boxes, two careers show jumping competitions, a covered carousel, a walker And 17 hectareswas built at the end of the 90s under the name of the Ravenoville horse development center.

It was to carry out this project that the Sainte-Mère-Église Horse Breeders Group was created in 1996. Of big names in French sport horse breeding practice in this cradle of the Selle français breed.

The objective of the Group and the construction of the center was to help member breeders “to highlight their production and offer assistance to marketing “. Since then, the center has been sold to young riders installed under the name “Raveno Équi Jump”, but the Group continued to use the facilities for these events.

The Breeders’ Group has found a great alternative

The Group of Sport Horse Breeders in the Sainte-Mère-Église region still organized all these events (model and gait competitions, sales) within the Ravenoville stables facilities.
The sale of the site forced them to find another solution. It’s already done: “We have reached an agreement with Nicolas Onfroy’s Utah Beach Estate. We had to bounce back into something good,” explains the new president of the group, Emmanuel Bacheley. The Domaine d’Utah Beach (formerly called the Grand Hard) is a beautiful hotel-restaurant, located in the town of Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, which was taken over in April 2019 by Nicolas and Elsa Onfroy.
The estate also includes a cattle farm as well as stables with a riding school and track. Great potential for organizing the Group’s events while welcoming customers who are often foreigners, the horses from this Normandy cradle enjoying a fine reputation. “There will be a reception capacity for people who come from far away. The Domaine will also be able to prepare meals for us. » A win-win agreement which will be clarified during a press conference around June 20.

Part of the facilities had become the Almadies equestrian center, open to the public. The site was also partly rented to two professional riders, Simon Duquesne and Marina Gibert. Simon Duquesne moves a few hundred meters away, to Éliane and the late Michel Ruel.

Only trotters

There should only be trotters in the center of Ravenoville. In any case, this is the project of Robin Lamy who signed the sales agreement. “I rode pony there when I was a kid. »

Robin Lamy is now (only) 25 years old, but already a great experience as he has been riding a pony and then a horse since a very young age. Jockey and especially driver of trotters who very quickly showed his qualities, Robin Lamy is called by various trainers to drive in competition, notably by Thomas Levesquefor whom he is also a service provider, particularly for foals.

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The development of foals is what I prefer. The first adjustments are important. Old horses are more routine.

Robin Lamy

His parents were oyster and shellfish farmers in Utah Beach. But his interest quickly turned to the horses he saw at their close neighbor’s house, André Le Courtois . “I was at school with his children, Romain and Céline. As soon as I finished school, I went there. During the summer holidays, I went there every morning. »

At the age of 16 and a half, he began racing in official trotter races. With success. Of its 141 victories(115 on the sulky and 26 on the mounted), even “if it is difficult to detach from them”, Robin Lamy retains his first, in Rânes (Orne), for his apprentice master, André Le Courtois, those on the sulky of César Express or the 50esynonymous with moving into the ranks of professionals, with Diplomat for the training of Sébastien Guarato and especially in the temple of trotting, Vincennes.

This transition from apprentice to professional sometimes puts a damper on the careers of young people but this was not the case for Robin: “The advantage with Dédé is that you race as professionals as well as apprentices. Two days after the 50eI won the 51e in a grand prix at Pornichet. »

He distinguished himself on January 26, 2024 by scoring a hat-trick in Saint-Brieuc (Côtes-d’Armor), thanks to Louison, Kiss Me by Belfond And Icarus by Phyt’snarrowly missing the score of four, Horace d’Arthenay ranking second.

Measuring 1.83 m and not wanting to sacrifice good times to limit himself at all costs in weight and also because he had back pain, Robin decided to stop racing to devote himself solely tocoupling .

A straight line and maybe a swimming pool

Then the logic of any jockey-driver is to settle self-employed trainerone day or another. “It was on my mind,” admits Robin. The sale of the Ravenoville stables is the perfect opportunity to take the plunge. “My mother was the first to visit. »

Behind the premises of the oyster and shellfish farming company that his parents, now retired, have sold, Robin also has six boxes and three large paddocks with cabins. “That will give me two very close sites. »

However, he is not going to embark on the training necessary to obtain a public coaching license: “I asked for an authorization to coach. It will allow me to have horses only in my colors, but that doesn’t matter. I don’t want to overwhelm myself with horses. I don’t want a large squad and I want to continue going to the races and continue working with Thomas. »

Robin’s companion, Émeline Desmigneux, was a galloping rider, with the master trainer André Fabre , before returning to the trotting discipline like his father and brother. It was in Sainte-Marie-du-Mont that she set up as a trainer, renting boxes at the Grand Hard. From then on, if the sale goes through, Émeline will rent part of the boxes in Ravenoville.

“I will keep a barn of 14 boxes and one of 18 boxes for Émeline and me. The six barns of seven stalls, I’m going to rent them. There will only be trotters, there will be no more saddle horses. » If the sale goes through, Robin Lamy will transform the two quarries into sand paddocks.

Another structure being purchased next door

He hopes to buy “also 7 hectares and the track of Mr. and Mrs. Jourdam” which “touch” the property of the Ravenoville stables. Because we still need to provide the site with training tracks: he plans to “re-sand the track of Mr. and Mrs. Jourdam in Vignats sand, redesign the turns and make a straight line of around 900 meters. »

THE young entrepreneuris also planning to build a swimming pool for horses which allows them to swim, therefore exercising their breathing, but while preserving the tendons. “The closest ones equipped like this are the Sassy stud farm (Orne) and Charles-Antoine Mary (Mayenne). Plus, we would have the sea nearby so I would have everything. So I think we could recover horses that have leg problems. »

“For the moment, only the compromise has been signed. » And both parties are subject to possible preemption by Safer.

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