These expressways will soon be plunged into darkness in the metropolis of Lyon

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The Lyon Metropolis plans to reduce public lighting on expressways such as the M6, the M7 and the Laurent Bonnevay ring road. The first work took place a few weeks ago.

It’s going to be all dark… on the expressways of the Lyon Metropolis in the coming months. In December 2022, the metropolitan council adopted a plan to reduce lighting on several expressways in the metropolis. The M6, the M7, boulevard Laurent Bonnevay, boulevard Urbain Sud as well as the southern bypass of Meyzieu are affected.

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The first work to remove the lighting took place from April 8 to 25 on the Laurent Bonnevay ring road. 163 lighting masts have already been installed throughout the metropolis while other interventions are planned in the coming months.

4.5 million euros of work

Continuing its strategy of optimizing the lighting of the region’s expressways, the Métropole de Lyon is turning off the lighting in common sections and switching to LEDs for lighting at special points (interchanges, exits).” explains the community in a press release. During 8 consecutive nights in April, work was carried out, mobilizing around twenty professionals.

The lighting fixtures were dismantled using nacelles as well as the horizontal cables powering the lighting.

The M7 closed at the end of May

In total, the Lyon Metropolis will invest 4.5 million euros in this work, which should make it possible to reduce operating costs by 90% and halve annual maintenance costs. The next removal work on the southern section of the eastern ring road (between the A43 and the A7) will take place from August 26 to September 9.

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Previously the M7 will be deprived of its lighting from May 27. In total, 33 masts need to be dismantled on the M7. This work each time requires the total closure of the lane in one direction of traffic and the neutralization of the expressway in the opposite direction.




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