In this school in Val-d’Oise, there has been no teacher for two months

In this school in Val-d’Oise, there has been no teacher for two months
In this school in Val-d’Oise, there has been no teacher for two months


Raphaël Delaveaux

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May 13, 2024 at 12:28 p.m.

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“We called the constituency, sent emails, contacted everyone, but nothing came of it. “.

Exhausted due to the absence of a teacher for the Ce2 b class, around twenty parents gathered on Thursday, May 2, to express their anger.

They do not want to be sidelined by National Education.

Children dispatched

“The children are randomly distributed to other classes. It is a daycare center for children aged 7 or 8 years old. They are abandoned and left behind,” criticize several parents.

In numbers and motivatedthey held up signs with clear messages.

This absence is due to maternity leave.

” They [l’Éducation nationale, Ndlr] should have anticipated it,” laments a parent.

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A situation that has an immediate effect on children.

I don’t want to go to school. During the day, I stay at the back of the class and do nothing. Some don’t even have a chair.

A 7 year old schoolboy

The whole school suffers

“Unfortunately, the others teachers suffer the repercussions of this absence,” underlines a parent.

The classes are overloaded and teachers sometimes find themselves having to manage a triple-level class.

“Teachers are tired of this situation, the vicious circle no longer stops. »

Another problem raised by parents: the lack of visibility for the end of the school year.

“We know it’s coming soon. What we are afraid of is that no professor will be appointed by then. »

“It’s a breach of the social contract. We are working to have this service. It’s a bad example for them,” chant two parentsvery upset by the situation.

Lessons at home

“The first years oflearning are the most important. Our children are not independent enough and the basics are not learned,” underlines a mother.

Parents find themselves forced to improvise.

Some can teach their children at home, but say they are “tired”.

“It’s not my job,” laments one mother.

Others, including French is sometimes not the mother tongue, find themselves even more affected by the absence of a teacher.

“Some people don’t have time because they working. We are not teachers, we are left to our own devices,” explains a parent.

For the moment, the parents say that no solution has been provided to them.

In the evening, the same song repeats itself, most children no longer want to work, because they are too tired from the day they have just had.

Waiting for solutionsparents affirm that this mobilization “is a first, but certainly not the last”.

The academy responds

From the first absences, the services were mobilized to ensure the replacement of the teacher and the educational support of the students. However, the lack of teachers does not always make it possible to immediately replace absences, which we regret. However, continuous recruitment of replacement teachers is organized throughout the year.

Ia-Dsden of Val-d’Oise

And added: “Since May 3, theteacher is replaced two days a week. The other two days, educational continuity for the students is ensured, and they are supported in the other classes like every time the teacher is absent. »

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