Nemo welcomed by his fans in Switzerland

Nemo welcomed by his fans in Switzerland
Nemo welcomed by his fans in Switzerland

Nemo arrived in Zurich on Sunday evening, visibly tired but very happy. “Everything doesn’t seem real to me yet,” said the 24-year-old artist after being frantically greeted by a hundred fans at the airport.

“All of this doesn’t seem real to me yet. To suddenly become something beyond me is absurd,” Nemo said at a press conference organized shortly after his arrival in Switzerland.

The musical talent was delighted that no meeting was planned for Monday and plans to take advantage of it to stay in the garden. “I’m going to lie down and try to come down a little,” said Nemo, who needs to take some time for himself to put this weekend’s events into perspective.

Nemo appeared in the arrivals area of ​​Zurich airport at 11 p.m., where around a hundred fans greeted him frenziedly with chants. Many fans, most of them young, displayed non-binary flags in the colors yellow, white, purple and black. Nemo paraded with this flag on Saturday evening, during the Eurovision final.

“Mega” home

This welcome was “mega”. “It showed me how nice it is to be part of a community,” responded the non-binary talent.

It is important that this community has a voice and is heard, Nemo said. The artist from Bienne is committed to the inclusion of a third gender in Swiss law. Socialist Federal Councilor Beat Jans showed himself ready to meet Nemo on Sunday to discuss it.

Nemo came out as a non-binary individual last November. In his song “The Code”, the artist talks about feeling neither man nor woman and the journey to find his identity.

Eurovision site set in September

One of the first to shake Nemo’s hand in Zurich was the mayor of Biel, Erich Fehr. “Nemo is sensational. Nemo is Biel,” he said. For him, it is clear that the bilingual city must play a role in the organization of Eurovision next year.

“We are currently looking for a partner city,” said the socialist. The location of the musical competition should be announced in September.




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