Body found in a suitcase in Paris: the victim, quadriplegic, was killed with his bare hands

Body found in a suitcase in Paris: the victim, quadriplegic, was killed with his bare hands
Body found in a suitcase in Paris: the victim, quadriplegic, was killed with his bare hands

By definition, crime scenes, at least those where a body is discovered, are always macabre. But this one is probably still a little more so than the others. Is this linked to the proximity of the morgue? By the pestilential smell that goes all the way to the Austerlitz Bridge? To the garbage scattered in this “no man’s land” frequented only by the homeless?

A dismembered corpse was found this Saturday evening below the Austerlitz Bridge (Paris, 12th), as revealed by -17. The body was found in a suitcase which had just been set on fire. This is what prompted the intervention of the firefighters. According to our information, it is an “adult man” who was missing “upper and lower limbs”. “The body was complete, but in several pieces,” said a Source close to the case this Sunday afternoon.

A member of Civil Protection raises the alarm

The Paris prosecutor’s office, which opened an investigation into intentional homicide and entrusted it to the criminal brigade, told us this Sunday morning that the body was “not identified at this stage”.

“This is almost the case,” however, whispers another Source. The autopsy, which took place this Sunday afternoon right next door, Quai de la Râpée, at the Forensic Institute, made it possible to determine the causes of death. According to our information, the victim was killed with his bare hands. Multiple lesions were noted. Another lesson from the pathologist’s work: the victim was quadriplegic.

Information which supports the confessions which would have been made by the man placed in police custody in connection with this case. According to Europe 1 radio, the individual presented himself at the Defense police station (Hauts-de-Seine) this Sunday morning in order to declare his responsibility in the death of a disabled man for whom he was the assistant. of life and with whom he had a dispute.

It was 10 p.m. when a member of Civil Protection, who was preparing to take up night duty at this branch located in the area, noticed a “trash fire” down below at the foot of the bridge. He calls the firefighters. The rescuers went to the scene and extinguished this small fire without any difficulty. It only takes few seconds. And that’s where they discover the presence of a body inside the melted suitcase.

“It’s only us here,” says a homeless man

The public prosecutor goes there in turn. He contacted the criminal service specializing in mysteries. The scientist’s experts identify as many clues as possible. Police officers also noticed the presence of a “Quran open on the first page” and a black cap very close to the body. Not sure at all that this has anything to do with the case. This Sunday morning, the book and the headgear were still at the scene. Which suggests that they have no interest in the investigation. There also remain blue latex gloves and traces of soot along the wall of the bridge where a portrait of Communard Louise Michel was drawn with a stencil.

This recess at the foot of the Austerlitz bridge, where the suitcase was left, is difficult to access for pedestrians. You have to follow the four lanes leading to the ring road or the A4 motorway. And again, the sidewalk is very narrow. On the other side of the bridge, the place is only frequented by homeless people. This Sunday morning, one of them is rolling a cigarette. “It’s only us here,” he wonders. A body in a suitcase? You’re giving me the cold shoulder there. No, we didn’t see anything. Yet I have been here since Saturday afternoon… If it is not unfortunate such a discovery a few months before the Olympic Games,” grimaces the homeless man apparently very concerned about the image of the capital.

Easier for a motorist?

On the other side of Voie Mazas, on the Seine side, there are only joggers. Ditto a little further up on the bridge. Homeless people walking at a leisurely pace and sportsmen with a timed pace who moan about tourists taking photos in the middle of the road. In short, at the bottom or at the top of the bridge, a place where, at best, we only pass through.

On the other hand, it seems easier for a motorist to leave a suitcase there. You can park without difficulty after the left lane, climb a stone staircase of around ten steps and leave ten seconds later. Criminal investigators, who have a few specialists in their ranks, must dissect the video surveillance images to try to identify a license plate or a possible pedestrian pulling a suitcase. The suspect’s statements while in police custody should provide much more information.



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