EVENING FACT The craziest images from this Alès 2024 feria!

With each magical event, its delivery of excesses, unusual behavior or unusual images. Some wines are more surprising than others. Here is the 2024 vintage collected by Objectif Gard journalists.

We’re not going to lie: alcohol is often a big part of this, even if it is (sometimes) consumed in moderation. Friendship too, which offers images of uninhibited jubilation between friends. But there is also the primary intention, that which makes the party-goer want to arrive disguised or simply in an outfit – or with a behavior – which marks a break from everyday life. In the midst of the noise, this is what allows this popular festival to offer suspended time, outside of conventions, with some moments of great poetry. Story in pictures.

Little musician will become big • Louis Valat

A unicorn in the middle of a bullfighting event • François Desmeures

A great afternoon of swimming for these three partygoers! • Louis Valat

In the middle of the afternoon, the music bar sends the watts towards the street • François Desmeures

At the Atelier de Marie, a successful aperitif… • François Desmeures

Excited atmosphere, in the middle of the afternoon, on the terrace of the Atelier de Marie • François Desmeures

A little break in a busy afternoon, between two songs • François Desmeures

While the swimming pool run is almost four hours away, some people save their place well in advance • François Desmeures

Some use their equipment to keep their place • François Desmeures

After the calud race, the children improvise as a bull • François Desmeures

Ready to leave, the bulls of the calud race wait much more patiently than outside • François Desmeures

Unusual Feria Alès 2024

We validate the style 200%! • Sasha Virga

Unusual Feria Alès 2024

Bigger than everyone! • Sasha Virga

Unusual Feria Alès 2024

Ski goggles and fair! • Sasha Virga

Unusual Feria Alès 2024

A perfectly executed dance number • Sasha Virga

This young man tries, in vain, to catch the crutch which escaped into the Gardon. • Louis Valat

Bubbles, “bubbles”! • Louis Valat

The lime tree near the Old Bridge, an escape route and above all a painkiller for those who try to attract the bull from the bull run • François Desmeures



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