Renaissance: Creation of the Swiss Revolutionary Communist Party

Renaissance: Creation of the Swiss Revolutionary Communist Party
Renaissance: Creation of the Swiss Revolutionary Communist Party

Some 300 people took part this weekend in Berthoud (BE) in the congress marking the founding of the Swiss Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR). It’s a rebirth, 84 years after the PC was banned in Switzerland in 1940.

Readings from the new revolutionary communist party.


The new Manifesto was unanimously adopted by the participants, indicates a press release from the PCR on Sunday, meeting for three days in the Bernese town.

“It is high time that revolutionary communism makes a comeback,” Dersu Heri, national political secretary, said in the press release.

A “new generation of young people and workers” is emerging. “The climate crisis and the pandemic, imperialist wars and inflation favor communist positions”, they believe: “To be able to really fight against capitalism, we need true Marxism. This only exists in the PCR.

In total, 342 college students, apprentices, students and workers participated in the congress, notes the press release, written without inclusive expressions unlike those of other left-wing parties.

“The PCR is thus launching its work with 320 founding members and more than a hundred interested people. One of the objectives will be to double the number of party members by next year,” he specifies.

For the return of Bolshevism

Communism is today once again becoming a tangible prospect, judges the new party which fully supports “the global movement to occupy universities against the Israeli genocide in Gaza. The rapidly expanding Palestinian movement is “a harbinger of future revolutionary explosions throughout the world.”

Sereina Weber, secretary of the PCR for French-speaking Switzerland, concluded the congress in a very combative manner: “Fight with us for the overthrow of capitalism. We promise you that we will do everything for the return of Bolshevism to Switzerland.”

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