FOOTBALL Sport Vendée. A century of Football in Vendée (Red. les Sables-d’Olonne)

FOOTBALL Sport Vendée. A century of Football in Vendée (Red. les Sables-d’Olonne)
FOOTBALL Sport Vendée. A century of Football in Vendée (Red. les Sables-d’Olonne)

FOOTBALL Sport Vendée. A century of football in Vendée
by Matthieu Deniau

The author, Matthieu deniau, was born in Luçon in 1990.
Passionate about football, he played there for L’Entente sportif Gemmoise (Ste-Gemme-la-Plaine, North-East of Luçon), at Foot Espoir 85 (Nalliers, East of Luçon) and at Jeanne d’Arc de Nesmy ( south of La Roche-sur-Yon).

This experience was enough to develop his interest in the sporting environment into which he had immersed himself. A curiosity undoubtedly more heightened than that of his sports friends led him to open the doors of the surrounding clubs to discover their history, their origin and the anecdotes concerning them.
It is sometimes limited, as in other areas, but the surprise is sometimes great when we show him archives of the greatest interest.
Needless to say, before delving into the history of the clubs in his territory, he looked through the archives of the clubs in which he played.

In 2020, the book project is taking shape; Matthieu Deniau then embarked on a vast initiative which will concern all football clubs in Vendée, including the most modest. Is he aware of the work that this requires? At least a year of traveling to meet club leaders.
Especially since he does not intend to limit himself to basic work consisting of producing a litany of sporting results which would only be of documentary interest.
No ! His project includes extensive content on clubs, their birth, their role, their evolution and numerous anecdotes, content on players with portraits, their specificities, etc.

Considering the result, particularly successful, we can certify that the quest was good, that he was able to find out a lot of interesting information. The archives found or rediscovered carried at their heart a beautiful documentary wealth.
The result is a work that goes well beyond a simple transcription of footballing periods.
Provided you enjoy analyzing the components of a text, you will be able to find something to satisfy your curiosity in sociological matters, the evolution of mentalities and practitioners, the insertion of new practices or the presence of the most diverse speakers. ; include economics, sociology, women’s sport, refereeing, sponsorship, etc.
The football environment and its evolution are integrated into it, thus providing new pages on the history of Vendée, on the identity of this department.

Let’s take some examples:
– the famous rivalries between secular clubs and the “patros” (around fifteen Catholic clubs).
– the origin of club names, like gulls or porpoises, dragons or crocodiles…
– administrative developments over the 30 glorious years, or the World War (creation of the Vendée District in 1954, the Center-West League in 1967 then the Atlantic League.
– period outfits, in the 50s, with shirt and beret, then their evolutions.
– portraits of players: we can discover that of Claude Robin, with an unusual destiny, on page 143.
– Without forgetting the astonishing final of the Herbiers club (Vendée Les Herbiers Football) in 2018.

The work received approval from the Scientific Council of the Vendée Center for Historical Research (CVRH). A guarantee of the CVRH’s undeniable interest in this unprecedented subject.
Or you will also find at the beginning of the book, a text by Philippe Violeau, Vendée footballer, former professional player at AJ Auxerre and Olympique Lyonnais.
As well as a preface by
Pascal Charroin, HDR lecturer, dep. Staps from the Jean-Monnet University of St-Etienne, Sports Historian.

A Century of Football in Vendée by Matthieu Deniau

We also give our non-scientific but equally passionate approval to this 375-page work retracing a century of football in Vendée, the fruit of important work by Matthieu Deniau, a work which really deserves to take pride of place in your library!

Published on March 11, 2024
ISBN: 978-2-491575-23-6
376 pages – €29
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Philippe Brossard-Lotz

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