In Morbihan, 19 sheep on eco-grazing killed by dogs

In Morbihan, 19 sheep on eco-grazing killed by dogs
In Morbihan, 19 sheep on eco-grazing killed by dogs


Céline Ravaudet

Published on May 12, 2024 at 5:26 p.m.

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When she entered the enclosure, Tiffany thought it was a bad dream. On the ground, scattered over this large plot of 5,000 m2, located at the foot of the TDF (Télédiffusion de France) antenna, in Moustoir-Ac, 19 little sheep from Ouessant died. Two others are still in care at her home today. A real carnage, “that turns your stomach”.

“It was lunar”

“It was a neighbor who alerted me,” says sadly the woman who created it a year ago A sheep in the city, a company that develops eco-grazing. “At that time I was in Colpo to give a helping hand to friends at the Kerveno farm. I left them immediately to go there. »

When she arrives, although she calls her animals, she sees “no crowds. Nothing but the silence weighing on the scene. » She discovers with horror « 19 corpses sheep and their young lambs scattered. It was lunar. »

The gendarmerie was immediately contacted, as well as the Evel clinic in Baud, its lead veterinarian, “whose analysis revealed that the animals all present traces of bites to the neck and hindquarters which are similar to those of a canine. » According to the OFB (French Biodiversity Office), “the operating procedure rules out the wolf hypothesis, and also points towards a dog attack. »

She therefore filed a complaint with the Locminé gendarmerie. “The investigation is underway,” said squadron leader Giraud of the Pontivy gendarmerie company.

After the shock, the dead sheep had to be gathered together so that the rendering plant could recover them. ©Tiffany Dufrost

Keep your dogs on a leash

By “luck”, because this is rarely the case, this Moustoir-Ac site is under video surveillance. The images could be viewed and confirm that it was a dog attack. “The panicked movement of the animals led the victims and their attackers to the video-monitored area. We see two dogs, one black and another lighter white, beige, attacking the livestock around 9:15 p.m. on Friday April 12. »

Where do they come from ? Whose are they? Tiffany questioned the neighborhood “to help the gendarmerie move forward with the investigation”, which would make it possible to trigger the civil liability of the owner of the dogs. “People talk to me about putting together a file with SOS victims, but that’s not the rule. And then they will come back.”

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Maybe people don’t even know their dogs can do this.

Tiffany Dufrost

However, she hopes that this tragic event will serve to raise awareness among dog owners, “because although a dog can be nice, it can run after other animals. You must keep your dogs on a leash. Not just during the nesting period; all year. »

A real threat

This does not prevent it from doing everything possible to secure each of the lands on which it places animals. “Here, the fence is two meters high with three extra barbed wire! » The only possible explanation is that these dogs entered the enclosure by pushing on the bottom of a mesh that was a little softer than the rest of the fence.

Today, Tiffany still has a knot in her stomach when she goes to a site, for fear of making a bad discovery, “because this threat is new to me”. Her colleagues unfortunately informed her that it was recurring… Moreover, since then, she has learned that a cattle breeder from Grand-Champ had been bothered by dogs on his herd of cows, “and the animals found themselves wandering. » This type of attack is not trivial, it stresses the animals, “and it can also cause abortions in pregnant females. »

Increased vigilance

When she started her small business, the young entrepreneur decided not to take out specific insurance for this type of damage. Despite its high cost and the difficulties in applying it in the event of a disaster, she will subscribe to it. Supported by its partners, its colleagues and its family, it does not give up, and will reinvest to rebuild its livestock, while increasing its vigilance. Of the cameras additional ones have already been installed.

The ecological choice of TDF

Tiffany Dufrost is in contract with the company Télédiffusion de France for which she maintains three sites in Morbihan using eco-grazing. The first sheep had just been installed at Moustoir-Ac (April 3). Company officials are “dismayed” by this attack, says Pauline Mauger, responsible for communications.
She recalls that TDF has been developing eco-grazing to maintain its green spaces and promote biodiversity since 2016, throughout France. In total, more than 20 hectares are maintained by sheep, but also sometimes goats or horses. Nest boxes are also installed on certain production sites.

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