Miss Haute-Garonne 2024, a “personal revenge” for Alexia Baute: here’s why

Miss Haute-Garonne 2024, a “personal revenge” for Alexia Baute: here’s why
Miss Haute-Garonne 2024, a “personal revenge” for Alexia Baute: here’s why


Maréva Laville

Published on May 12, 2024 at 1:22 p.m.

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Alexia Baute grew up. “Two years ago, I was 1m75 and now I’m 1m75.5” she laughs. So, it’s never too late to gain height.

The proof, this year, is the 28-year-old young woman, who (also) grew up in LhermSouth of Toulouserose to the top of Miss Haute-Garonne 2024 and placed a crown on her head, and on her shoulder, the scarf that she was aiming for at all costs, Saturday May 4, 2024 in Saint-Gaudens.

” An honor. » And a nice revenge? Two years earlier, Alexia Baute had already participated and finished first runner-up, then fourth runner-up in the election Miss Midi-Pyrénées, where she will return on September 7, to the Château de la Garrigue in Villemur sur Tarn.

A personal revenge

At the time, she was in a relationship. A few years later and a complicated romantic relationship, the young woman, alone, returns with her head held high and goes back on stage. Conqueror.

I have had relationships in the past that may have dragged me down and hindered my confidence. By picking up this scarf, I proved to myself that I could believe in myself.

Alexia BauteMiss Haute-Garonne 2024

“A woman has no expiration date”

That day, Place de Capitole, the young orthoptist who works in downtown Toulouse, spoke to many women of her generation. As when she explains:

It was important for me to show that a woman has no expiration date. That one’s beauty and values ​​do not stop at 25 and that one can be just as pretty after that age.

Alexia Baute

For two years, the Miss France committee has no longer limited the age of candidates to 24, as it did before.

“A young woman’s dream”

These two convictions therefore make this brand new status of Miss, not the realization of a little girl’s dream, in the eyes of Alexia Baute, but rather that “of a young woman”.

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The one who admits to having been “a little chubby and marked by late puberty”, is now stopped in the street for being photo taken by those who admire him.

On the Place du Capitole, Alexia Baute was stopped by her first fans. (©Maréva Laville / - Toulouse)

A Miss Haute-Garonne full of humor

“It’s a bit of everyday life now. But I still can’t get used to it,” she smiles. The tone also evokes his pronounced taste for humor. In her speech, she stood out with two jokes. “A year with me, does that sound good to you? ”, or even “I am an orthoptist and this year, I am going to amaze you”.

Word games that will have to be reinvented for the next stage, on the occasion of the election of Miss Midi-Pyrénées, with a view to the very high title of Miss France. Perhaps it will play on his date of birth, April 1? “You have to surprise,” says Alexia.

Training for Miss Midi-Pyrénées

At the cost of several weeks of work, despite everything. Of the impromptu parades in the small living room of his apartment in the Saint-Aubin district, “cleaning and walking back and forth in 10-centimeter high heels.”

But also swimming, bodybuilding And pilates, “to feel comfortable in a swimsuit”. And then practice for his speech.

Thus she will repeat the pattern until, she hopes, bringing the regional crown back to Haute-Garonne “for the first time in history. » Slightly chauvinistic.

Toulouse by birth and heart

It must be said that it is here, in the Pink City, the city of her birth, that the young woman of Italian origins decided to return to live, after three years of study in Montpellier. “I like the mentality here. It’s warm. And then, I am passionate about gastronomy, and for that, we are very lucky in Toulouse! »

Will she be able to carry the Toulouse colors high until the big election of Miss France 2025 ?

In the meantime, like a foretaste of this world of glitter, she will adorn herself with her sash of Miss Haute-Garonne 2024 in his free time to attend various events, such as Jazz en Comminges. In the footsteps of his model, Marine Loiseau. “A woman who combined her career in the medical field with that of miss, while remaining natural. I would love to meet her.”

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