This holiday village in Haute-Loire is already full

This holiday village in Haute-Loire is already full
This holiday village in Haute-Loire is already full

The Vorey-sur-Arzon holiday village is full this weekend and reservations are starting to arrive for the rest of the tourist season.

Dominique Julien receives the first group of young footballers and their supervisors on Thursday afternoon. They made the trip from Bourg-en-Bresse. The children are participating in the big tournament which is being played this weekend at the Vorey stadium with the Emblavez Jeunes Group.

The group has a dozen residences in France

The players come from all over France. Dominique gives them some recommendations before heading to the chalet assigned to them. The children’s disappointment in learning that this chalet is one of the rare ones not to have a TV and that they will have to do without the swimming pool (the swimming pool is only planned for Saturday) is only short-lived. The excitement of getting onto the field and kicking a ball takes over. Dominique will engage in the same exercise with other groups throughout the afternoon.

The new director of the holiday village is attentive to ensuring that the stay goes well, that the young residents respect the place, especially since some improvements have been made to the 41 gîtes, in particular the replacement of sofas and bedding . These gîtes can accommodate 2, 6 or 8 people. More than 200 people visit the holiday village throughout the season. Each residence has its own small kitchen. Holidaymakers benefit from a bar and the swimming pool (only a few days of patience left).

This Ascension weekend is, in a way, the kick-off of the tourist season at the holiday village, which is completely sold out. The municipal structure created in the seventies has just been entrusted (for five years) to the Olydea group in the form of a public service delegation. Last fall, SAS Esprit Nature did not wish to apply for a new contract. The Olydea group has a dozen tourist residences across France, in sea, mountain and countryside destinations.

The Vorey holiday village opened its doors on April 1st. And until the end of October. Dominique Julien will have no shortage of work this season. She must manage and maintain the structure with Christophe who takes care of the maintenance, in particular of the green spaces. Another person, hired at the start of the season, did not return after a few days.

Freedom in reservations

The Aveyronnaise is experienced in this work which has been hers for 30 years after working as a journalist and cabinet director in communities. She has noticed many developments in the tourism sector, and not always positive in her eyes, especially when it comes to personnel management. The new manager is accompanied by her husband, Jean-François, who is not an employee of the group.

Dominique has worked in tourism across the four corners of France. When she leaves Vorey this fall it will be to take a few weeks of well-deserved rest before heading this winter to the resort of Saint-Colomban-des-Villards in Savoie where she will be in charge of the town’s Olydea residence.

Some young people leave on Saturday, the chalet they occupy is re-rented for Sunday to families. Attendance at the holiday village is mainly family. “With us, there are no constraints. People come and go whenever they want, in low and high season. Rentals are not only done by the week, even if this formula offers more attractive rates,” indicates the manager. Families are often booking for a weekend at the moment and above all to take advantage of the environment. The village in its green setting on the banks of the Loire is popular, including with customers looking for a nearby vacation spot. At this time of year, reservations for the 50-seat reception room begin to arrive as for the lodges.

Between holiday village, campsite, communal lodge, hotel and all private reception structures, Vorey has between 400 and 500 commercial tourist beds. The locality has confirmed its tourist vocation in recent years. Didn’t old advertisements once boast of “pure air”? Building facades retain the partly erased traces of signs recalling the important presence in not so distant times of the family hotel business in the Loire Valley.

Philippe Suc



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