Kendra Chery, Alexis Peterson, Angela Salvadores… Mitterrand said goodbye to his starters

The hearts of the Landes were put to the test on Saturday evening. First by the scenario of the first round of the Women’s League finals, where Basket Landes led for a long time before suffering the awakening of Villeneuve-d’Ascq (66-70). Then with the post-match ceremony, where the three starters of the blue and white club were thanked and celebrated. Namely the two recruits from last summer, Alexis Peterson and Angela Salvadores; but also and above all Kendra Chery, 22 years old and already spent four seasons in Mont-de-Marsan.

Needless to say, the tears flowed. Even though only three bouquets were handed out, when the Espace Mitterrand had, about a year ago, to say goodbye to nine players, ten if we count Marie-Eve Paget, whose departure was announced later. But the basketball fan is romantic, and quickly became attached to his new squad. Whose season has also been largely above expectations, and continues.

Angela Salvadores highlighted having experienced “one of the best seasons of [sa] career”.

Philippe Salvat / SO

First to go to the microphone, Angela Salvadores, after a final “muchas gracias” from her president Marie-Laure Lafargue: “I will never forget this season, it was incredible to play here, to be with you every week. It was one of the best seasons of my career. Thank you very much (in French). » Alexis Peterson’s voice broke several times when recalling how difficult his season had been, with the loss of his grandfather and an express trip to the United States for his funeral, with a return plane taken just two hours after the ceremony. “I know why I came back, to go find something with you, you inspired me,” said the leader between sobs.

Alexis Peterson in the arms of its president Marie-Laure Lafargue.

Philippe Salvat / SO

Chery’s tears

Finally, the most applauded was obviously Kendra Chery, almost a child of the club, who arrived at Mont-de-Marsan at 18 and who lived and grew up so much with Basket Landes, and won four titles. “We learned together,” recalled Marie-Laure Lafargue. The driving license, not the easiest, your first house, your first opening of the EDF meter, three days later, in the dark, your first change of agent, your first car, too small for your long legs but small enough for pass between the stakes of your gate, at least more than your second, who met the gate! »

The international winger took the time to thank each member of the staff, management and volunteers. And his coach, above all: “Thank you to Julie (Barennes) for calling me four years ago. For trusting me when I was angry, I was angry a lot four years ago. She knew how to take care of me. My goal was to make her win the title of best coach, because beyond the players she helps us become women. »



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