Recognition for a Laval auxiliary nurse in a system in difficulty

Recognition for a Laval auxiliary nurse in a system in difficulty
Recognition for a Laval auxiliary nurse in a system in difficulty

The Order of Auxiliary Nurses of Quebec (OIIAQ) highlights the personal and professional journey of Laval resident Denise Laperle as part of its campaign The human behind the care.

As part of Practical Nurses’ Day, on Sunday, May 5, the Order of Auxiliary Nurses of Quebec (OIIAQ) highlighted the efforts of 10 auxiliary nurses, including Laval resident Denise Laperle, who are overcoming challenges. trials of life for the benefit of others.

Denise Laperle was not satisfied with her 38 years of experience as a practical nurse.

After a few years of retirement, she found herself back on the front lines of the healthcare field, unable to deprive herself of her patients during a labor shortage.

Working at the Idola-St-Jean Accommodation Center two days a week, she considers herself lucky to have achieved a good quality of life by remembering her nebulous youth. “That [la profession] basically saved my life.”


The sixty-year-old experienced a troubled childhood alongside unstable and aggressive parents.

Between the ages of 10 and 15, she was transferred between rehabilitation centers and foster homes in Laval, often tolerated and used for the paycheck that came with it.

“He had foster homes who took me in as a cleaning lady,” she says. In the evening, I could hear the lady and the man saying that they are going to take one more to pay for their children’s lessons. The rest of us were a salary for their children.”

It wasn’t until she graduated from high school with the help of Jacqueline Martin, from the foster home that housed her between the ages of 15 and 18, that she envisioned a future beyond foster care. welcome.

“You know, I missed a lot of love in my youth. There was no one who took care of me, and my parents went to Louis H. Lafontaine all the time, so it wasn’t a reference.

After meeting with a career counselor, she decided to try the job of auxiliary nurse.

During her career, Ms. Laperle has always felt more concerned with seniors, devoting her time and services to long-term care centers (CHSLD).

In 38 years, she worked around Laval, notably at the CHSLD Ste-Dorothée, Fernand-Larocque and at the Cité-de-la-Santé Hospital.

Despite continually changing positions that she attributes in part to the instability of her youth, she has remained faithful to her role as a nursing assistant wherever she goes.

Denise Laperle differs from the ordinary nurse in terms of training and responsibilities.

According to the OIIAQ, practical nurses contribute to the assessment of the patient’s state of health, administer medications, take blood samples, contribute to intravenous therapy and provide wound care, thus lending a helping hand to the entire health network.

For her part, the nurse focuses more on the pharmaceutical and IT aspects of care, the practical nurse prioritizes interaction with the patient, and it is precisely the social aspect of the position that pleases Ms. Laperle.

“It makes me feel good,” she said. I get a return of love from my patients who I take care of. I did my practical nursing course from 1982 to 1984 and when I started working I said wow, this is really what I needed.”

Today, Denise Laperle is just as passionate about her profession, but she notices flaws in the health system that weigh heavily on everyone.

“We now have more tasks,” says the veteran healthcare worker. There are a lot of things we are learning to help nurses, who are overwhelmed on the job.”

Despite the fact that nurses and practical nurses have distinctive tasks and roles, both professions are feeling the pressures of staff shortages in the health network, and are uniting accordingly.

According to a census from the Institut de la Statistique du Québec drawn up in 2023, vacant positions in the health field in Quebec exceed any other field while there is a shortage of approximately 8,800 registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses. and approximately 6,500 nurse aides, caregivers and beneficiary attendants.

As a practical nurse, Ms. Laperle appreciates the awareness-raising initiatives carried out by the OIIAQ.

Their campaign The human behind the care honors key figures in the field, such as Denise Laperle, to showcase examples of resilience across the profession. According to the Order, the importance of health professionals no longer needs to be proven. “However, the 30,000 auxiliary nurses in Quebec, 1,415 of whom are in the Laval region, are working hard, still too often in the shadows,” maintains the OIIAQ.

Note that Denise Laperle recounted her journey to host Marie-Claude Barrette in the web series The human behind the carein addition to being in the spotlight in the work published on this occasion.

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