Vaucluse: happy as fish in water with the arrival of heat

Vaucluse: happy as fish in water with the arrival of heat
Vaucluse: happy as fish in water with the arrival of heat

It was obvious!

With a thermometer showing 25º to 30º and a five-day “viaduct” since Wednesday May 8, no wonder the water points in Vaucluse have been taken by storm.

In the Comtat, the small pebble beach of Lake Beaulieu in Monteux already had the air of summer vacation this Saturday, May 11. Forty kilometers further, another setting, another atmosphere at the Salettes lake. “We like coming here for the surrounding nature, the respect for people, the free parking and the calm, far from the world by the sea!“Vincent comes, for the second time, from Bourg-de-Péage (Drôme) with his two sons to Les Salettes.”My son is going to do a BMX competition in Mours-Saint-Eusèbe (near Romans-sur-Isère), he’s going to train on the Pernes-les-Fontaines track, so we stopped here in Mormoiron, to come and freshen up and see friends. We appreciate this site. We will come back this summer to swim and go tree climbing“The aerial adventure park was not empty yesterday either. Lucas, co-giant of the place, already registered 250 people at 3 p.m. “These days, there have been as many visitors as in July-August“.

Suspended moments between father and son

Unusual meeting on the beach with Nantes residents Karim and Nathan, staying in a van, who also stopped off at the lake. “A few days between father and son“to indulge in a rare pleasure: metal detecting…”Since he was 10 years old, he has had a passion for treasure hunting!“, confides the father. “I got into the game too“, he smiles, showing their latest finds: two wedding rings, a pearl bracelet for men, a ring for a little girl and fish hooks…”I’m having fun and decontaminating at the same time!“, confides this 21-year-old student, motivated by the joys of reunions with the owners of the found objects.”We have already made a couple happy who had lost their wedding ring… Who knows if we won’t find the owners of these two rings?…“, smiles Vincent.

For Montiliens Thibaut and Mélanie, it’s a change of scenery. They leave the beach of Lake Beaulieu a little to find the sand of Les Salettes where their children Romy and Soan happily handle the shovel and the rake…

Yesterday, while walking along the beach, we could even smell the scent of coconut oil. An air of vacation which for many continued with the tasting of an ice cream at the restaurant next door.

Even if we lose two or three degrees today, the water points should still be stormed for this last day, the day before recovery. So we take out the caps, flip-flops, shovels and jerseys and presto, happy as fish in the water!

Where to swim in Vaucluse?

To the south of Vaucluse, you can take a dip at the Riale lake, in Apt, at the Bonde pond, in Cabrières-d’Aigues, and at the Val Durance campsite lake in Cadenet. In the Comtat, at Lake Paty de Caromb, at Lake Monteux. In the north of the department, at the Revestidou lake, at Caderousse, at la Plagette, at Piolenc, at the Girardes de Lapalud lake or at the Roman bridge at Entrechaux.




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