Jean Levallois, journalist and editorialist at La Presse de la Manche: the life of a press man

Jean Levallois, journalist and editorialist at La Presse de la Manche: the life of a press man
Jean Levallois, journalist and editorialist at La Presse de la Manche: the life of a press man


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Published on May 12, 2024 at 10:30 a.m.

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Second episode of our series dedicated to the journalist Jean Levallois, historical pen of La Presse de la Manche. By joining the writing in 1969THE young graduate from the Lille Higher School of Journalism discovers a newspaper where he is the only one to be a journalist who has made a school.

The Press works through the paternalism and the kindness of a man: Marc Giustiniani. At the dawn of 1970sJean Levallois is preparing to participate in evolution and especially to the modernization of La Presse de la Manche :

As a student, I always thought that print media would one day struggle, but that proximity was its future. When I arrived at “La Presse”, I discovered a truly local newspaper in symbiosis with its readers. “La Presse de la Manche” is owned by the people of Cotentin, I liked this relationship between the newspaper and the citizens.

Jean Levallois

Preparing the future of the newspaper

THE boss of La Presse de la MancheMr. Giustiniani, has a “delicate” health and the editor-in-chief of newspaper was not in great shape at the end of the 60s. Thus, the leaders decided to trust Jean Levallois, so that he could ensure a possible replacement during the convalescence of one of responsible of Cherbourg daily.

Some time after this decision, the editor-in-chief of La Presse de la MancheFrançois Dupont, fell sick And died in January 1970. In griefthe newspaper loses a dedicated collaborator. Faced with this terrible situation, Marc Giustiniani decided to reorganize the press in order to better anticipate tomorrow and prepare the future.

The development of advertising

Thus, Jean Levallois found himself, at the same time, head of sports department and also co-responsible for the front page of the newspaper alongside Mr. Giustiniani:

I wasn’t yet the editor-in-chief, because there were old veterans to reward.

Jean Levallois

Time passes and young student becomes a real press man by becoming the head of editorial services: “I followed all the production line, I knew the evolution of the newspaper. When I arrived, we were at 15,000 copies of eight pages with small print five. Afterwards there was the great evolution of computingThere was a adaptation of personnel “.

Our Cherbourg journalist also experienced the period when West France And La Presse de la Manche were in a period of strong competition : “It was the beginning of advertising development “.

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The Biard-Giustiniani family

But in his many memoriesJean Levallois always evokes with emotion and great respect the memory of previous owners of La Presse de la Manchethere Biard-Giustiniani family : “ La Presse de la Manche, it was the life of Marc Giustiniani. He was addicted to his newspaper. He was keen on political neutrality “.

In 2024the former deputy editor-in-chief remains an attentive daily reader on the future:

The daily press is essential.

Jean Levallois

Jeanne and Marc Giustiniani, Daniel Jubert and obviously his traveling companion and friend, Marcel Clairet, are names that evoke the entire life of the emblematic journalist of La Presse de la Manche.

Sunday May 19, last episode dedicated to the political commitments of Jean Levallois and his action in favor ofCherbourg savings and social housing.


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