Haute-Marne: micro-crèche, a real need

Haute-Marne: micro-crèche, a real need
Haute-Marne: micro-crèche, a real need

The Eclaron micro-crèche, a project of the Agglomeration community, is currently under construction. In response to a real need in the sector. Zoom.

The construction site for the Eclaron micro-crèche, launched a few weeks ago, is continuing in May. The bulk of the structure has already been completed on the walls and the framework will be erected from May 15. This project led by the community of Agglomeration Grand Saint-Dizier Der et Vallées is the sixth micro-crèche created within the region.

“A shortage of cradles has appeared”

The provision of care for young children continues to develop. “It is not anecdotal at all to build micro-crèches. We need to attract families, be pleasant and make it known“, proclaims Quentin Brière, president of the Agglomeration community.

Currently, 80 children are on the waiting list in the Agglomeration. “In 2025, we will reach a total of 212 reception places in the six micro-crèches and crèches in Saint-Dizier.“, specifies Quentin Brière. The reception capacity will therefore increase considerably. This meets a real need, particularly in Eclaron, leading the first magistrate Jean-Yves Marin to say that “This is the piece of the puzzle we were missing“.

212 places in 2025

Our town is fortunate to host a


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