TES Canada builds first station to measure wind speed

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The LiDAR emits a light beam towards the sky allowing data to be captured up to 200 meters in altitude.


Posted at 9:52 PM UTC

TES Canada has just built a first station to measure the speed of the winds which will eventually drive its 130 wind turbines. The developer agreed to provide photos, but does not provide any information on the exact location of the installation for security reasons.

Despite research in the field based on certain clues, it was impossible for us to discover the place.

What a wind tower allows you to do is measure the wind continuously over a period of time. […] This gives us a good idea of ​​the wind potential in a location.

A quote from Éric Gauthier, President and CEO of TES Canada

The promoter is also disseminating another type of instrument called LiDAR, which is less bulky, in the region. It emits a light beam towards the sky allowing data to be captured up to 200 meters in altitude.

The LiDAR will measure the wind at a higher altitude. […] It does it with waves and allows you to fetch data very highindicates Éric Gauthier

This first installation could have been built on agricultural land, but it would have been necessary to obtain authorization from the Commission for the Protection of Agricultural Land. TES Canada preferred a non-agricultural zone instead.


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TES Canada will use the 60 meter tower to collect wind speed data.

Photo: TES Canada

Weather masts had also been raised in the Nicolet region, including one in Saint-Wenceslas last year in preparation for a Hydro-Québec call for tenders for wind energy. The MRC, however, decided to skip its turn and wait for a next opportunity.

In Mauricie, Environment Canada indicates that the strength of the winds is not different from that of other regions.

Wind data covering the last 50 years is available to the developer, but with a project of this scale he also wants to be able to rely on his own observations.

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