Court of Auditors Sicap, Miferso, Puma: Sall accounts – Lequotidien

Court of Auditors Sicap, Miferso, Puma: Sall accounts – Lequotidien
Court of Auditors Sicap, Miferso, Puma: Sall accounts – Lequotidien
  • Granting of donations, subsidies, compensation: Sall management at Sicap

The Court of Auditors noted many shortcomings in the management of Sicap, in its 2014-2018 report which coincides with the mandate of Mr. Ibrahima Sall.

By Bocar SAKHO – What to say ? Sicap Sa is an organization that is generous towards its staff, politicians, singers, religious men and athletes. The final Sicap control report (2014-2018) shows irregularly allocated expenditure. “The examination of the budget execution situations revealed that expenditure was allocated to headings other than those provided for by the budget nomenclature. Beyond its irregular nature, this practice aims to mask and minimize budget overruns,” notes the Court of Auditors. It is in this section that the support granted to certain public figures such as Waly B. Seck, who received 300 thousand F from the company, Mame Goor Diazaka (1 million), Doudou Ndiaye Mbengue (750 thousand), the Unacois-Jappo (500 thousand), others anonymous like Zeinab Aïdara (900 thousand), Ibrahima Sarr (1 million), Thierno Ndiaye (1 million), Abdou Lakhat Ndiaye (1 million), Makhtar Diakhaté (1 million 500 thousand) . The list is obviously far from exhaustive.
If there are several dozen beneficiaries, the most regular in terms of donations received remain Mbaye Badiane (20 times for 6 million 200 thousand), El Hadj Malick Sy Djamil (9 times for 3 million 750 F), Gnima Sonko (6 times for 3 million 300 thousand), Serigne Sidy Moctar Mbacké (5 times for 2 million 800 thousand), Serigne Mahmadane Mbacké (3 times for 2 million 700 thousand) and Ndèye Marème Badiane (4 times for 2 million 500 thousand).

The Court notes that the expenditure on donations and subsidies granted by Sicap during the period under review amounts to a cumulative amount of 703 million 456 thousand 450 CFA francs. For her, these are “donations and subsidies irregularly allocated to headings such as 627000 “Advertising, publications and public relations”, 658300 “Patronage”, 658810 “social responsibility” and 831000”.

It published, for illustrative purposes, “a sample of donations and subsidies, improperly granted by Sicap, of an amount greater than or equal to 1 million CFA francs, during the period under control”. The Court makes the same observation: “it is noted that these donations and subsidies are intended in particular for political leaders, religious leaders, traditional communicators and artists, for reasons unrelated to the social purpose of the company, despite the requirements of circular 000379/Pm/Sgg/Bsc/Sp of June 3, 2015 relating to abuse in the granting of donations and subsidies in public companies,” she argues. She continues: “The reasons mentioned on the requests provide sufficient information on the abusive nature of the donations and subsidies, for example: support for Pape Diouf for the Grand Bégué organization, support for the National Assembly’s day of prayer, subsidy days cultural Association Gossas emerging, financial aid for young talibés in debt, support for Ndogou Ramadan organization. It is also noted that individuals benefit, throughout the period under review, from donations and subsidies on a regular basis.

Furthermore, the Court of Auditors also noted irregularities in the management of missions, which have undergone significant developments. Mission allowances increased from 53 million 508 thousand 156 F in 2014 to 60 million 251 thousand 983 F in 2015, then 75 million 094 thousand 266 F in 2016, before falling in 2017 to 72 million 363 thousand 766 F, then go up to 103 million 255 thousand 866 F in 2018. She was especially sorry that “mission expenses abroad are paid while the mission orders are not approved neither on departure nor on arrival”. Without forgetting the “payment of compensation without production of supporting documents”.

Mission allowances
Among the lot, there is the director Ibrahima Sall, Mame Bounama Sall whose names come up most often, with accumulations reaching tens of millions of CFA francs with visits to European countries, North America and Asia. “It appears from the answers of the former Director General that he made trips to Paris to attend Board of Directors meetings scheduled to be held during an afternoon, but the mission days counted reached, depending on the case, 8, 9 or 10 days. Concerning the Chairman of the Board of Directors, he produced copies of pages of his passports bearing visas, which were insufficient to attest to the effectiveness of the missions. Thus, in the absence of documents attesting to the effective execution of these missions, the regularity of the expenses listed has not been established and they should not be subject to payment,” questions the Court.

Furthermore, the Court of Auditors also returned to the existence of an auto plan that “does not guarantee the preservation of the interests of the company”. She notes an “accumulation of the transport allowance and the fuel allocation”. “Sicap executives benefit from a compensatory transport allowance set at 300,000 CFA francs net for directors and 200,000 CFA francs net for department heads. During the period under review, the compensation paid increased from 65 million 128 thousand 235 F in 2014 to 72 million 151 thousand 299 F in 2018. It is nevertheless noted that in addition to the transport compensation, these agents benefit from allocations in fuel, which constitutes an undue accumulation of advantages and bonuses intended to cover the same object.

In addition, it is noted that a monthly allocation of 1250 liters of fuel is granted to the Dg and the Pca. However, article 9 of decree no. 2014-696 of May 27, 2014, setting the remuneration and benefits of general managers or directors, presidents and members of the boards of directors of companies in the parapublic sector and other public establishments, only provides for allocations for general directors, i.e. 500 liters per month,” regrets the Court.

Provision of housing at preferential prices to Sicap staff
Well-ordered charity begins at home

Sicap first houses its men at preferential prices. In its report, the Court of Auditors noted “significant differences between the prices applied to individuals and those applied to agents of Sicap Sa”. For her, this “allocation of housing units to agents at preferential rates is tainted by abuse since some were awarded more than one housing unit on different projects carried out by the company”. For example, the Director General, Cheikh Gaye, Secretary General, Ndèye Merry Ba, Sales Director, Maïmouna Kane have granted themselves two accommodations in Sacré-Cœur, Sicap Keur Gorgui. While Mariama Sonko, Head of Financial Services (Sacré-Cœur, Sicap Grand Mbao), Papa S. Doumbiya, Technical Director (Sacré-Cœur, Keur Gorgui), Oumar Diagne, Dcgaq 2 (Sacré-Cœur, Keur Gorgui), Oumar Ba , head of the Marketing department (Grand Mbao, Mbao Villeneuve), Elie Kotor Diémé, head of the Works department (Grand Mbao, Mbao Villeneuve), Aliou Seck, head of the Tenants department (Grand Mbao, Mbao Villeneuve), René Stanislas Sarr, head of the Internal Audit department ( Grand Mbao, Keur Gorgui), Abdourahmane Senghor, Head of Networks and Operations Department (Grand Mbao, Mbao Villeneuve).

“It should be noted that the former Director General was allocated accommodation at a preferential rate, on the Sicap Sacré Cœur-Vdn extension project. A Serviced Building Land (Tvb) was also transferred to him, again under preferential conditions, on the Keur Gorgui site, with an area of ​​596 m2, for a transfer price of 45 million 319 thousand 646 F. The grant of more than one villa to a Sicap agent, under preferential conditions, constitutes an undue advantage and cannot be justified by the desire to allow agents to have access to accommodation,” notes the Court.

“For example, a home sold to an individual at 55 million returns to an agent at 23 million 113 thousand 918 F, a difference of 31,886,082 F. With 9 Sicap Sa agents beneficiaries of housing at a preferential rate on this project , the shortfall is estimated at an amount of 286 million 974 thousand 738 F. As part of the Sicap Grand Mbao project, the allocation of 20 villas to agents, at preferential rates, should result in a shortfall of an amount of 323 million 884 thousand 900 F Cfa”, assesses the Court of Auditors. His conclusion is implacable: “It is therefore necessary to rationalize the granting of accommodation to agents in the various programs, in particular by setting a quota, so that the margins made are not monopolized by the advantages granted to staff.”

Undue advantages
In his responses, the former Director General “maintains that all attributions were made following the deliberations of the Board of Directors during the meetings of April 23 and June 25, 1986, and the provisions of the establishment agreement. He specifies that all the programs presented under the review generated a profitable balance on behalf of Sicap. While the Court insists on “the irregular nature of the granting of more than one accommodation to a Sicap agent according to preferential conditions”, it also considers that “the transfer of accommodation to staff at a reduced rate must be rationalized to limit its impact on the profitability of projects.
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