Eure firefighters in the spotlight at Gisors Castle

Eure firefighters in the spotlight at Gisors Castle
Eure firefighters in the spotlight at Gisors Castle


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Published on May 11, 2024 at 10:18 a.m.

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A row of helmets shone at the foot of the keep of Gisors Castle on Saturday afternoon.

Enough to dazzle the visitor who accidentally ventured into the park at the time of the digestive stroll.

Under the command of Colonel Emmanuel Ducouret, head of the departmental corps of the SDIS (Departmental Fire and Rescue Service) of Eure, more than a hundred firefighters stood at attention in front of the keep.

Numerous medals

On the occasion of Captain Julien Giffard taking command at the head of the Gisors fire and rescue center, the firefighters of the SDIS de l’Eure were gathered in the capital of Normandy Vexin.

The opportunity to award the medals and stripes of this 2024 class.

To all honor, we will note among the promotions that of the head of the Gisors center himself, who rose to the rank of captain upon taking command.

Numerous medals of honor for acts of courage and dedication have also been awarded.

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The families and loved ones of the firefighters were in the front row to witness the presentation of the stripes. ©L’Impartial

Heroic acts

Many of them followed the heroic action of many Eure firefighters following the urban riots in the summer of 2023.

After the official ceremony which lasted almost an hour, the official speeches made it possible to congratulate the command of the Gisors fire and rescue center.

“After Captain Alexandre Moullac and the long interim of Lieutenant Olivier Douchin, whom I would like to thank, it is time for Captain Julien Giffard, who made the right choice by agreeing to cross the Seine, to take command of Gisors.”

Colonel Emmanuel Ducouret

The medals

Exceptional services
François Morel (Évreux), Éric Taurain (Beaumesnil).
Act of courage and dedication – Fire Écardenville
Jérémy Leroy (Director).
Act of courage and dedication – Urban Violence
Aurélien Lechopier (Pacy-sur-Eure), Thomas Baptista-Matias (CTA), Maxime Desclos (Thiberville), Didier Plessi (Goupillères), Yohan Le Corre (Pont-Audemer), Nicolas Boivin (Vernon), Vincent Lestrat (Verneuil- sur-Avre), Sébastien Burel (Thiberville), Thomas Hamelet (Thiberville), Audrey Correia (Pacy-sur-Eure), Marius Magnan (Verneuil-sur-Avre), Aurélien Rivière (Thiberville), Lucas Cédille (Verneuil-sur- Avre), Lucas Chauvin (Thiberville), Franck Hertout (Pacy-sur-Eure).
Act of courage and dedication – Congratulations
Olivier Douchin (Gisors), Marc Etchegorry (GDO/CTA)
Young firefighters badge – Gold
Didier Trajin (Les Andelys), Benoît Conter (Director), Grégory Debout (Pont-Authou), Clément Lefebvre (Rugles), Morgan Lelièvre (Pacy-sur-Eure), Jennifer Desseaux (Verneuil-sur-Avre), Jérémy Morerod ( Verneuil-sur-Avre).
Young firefighters badge – Silver
Julien Pestel (Évreux), Xavier Stanek (Damville), Tanguy Bloquel (Breteuil-sur-Iton).
Young firefighters badge – Bronze
Cyrille Poujet (Les Andelys), Maxime Labiadh-Dauzou (Conches-en-Ouche), Adrien Baziret (Chavilly-Bailleul), Antonin Logre (Ézy-sur-Eure), Émilien Pierre (Pont-Authou).

Firefighters plan

Pascal Lehongre, president of CASDIS (board of directors of the departmental fire and rescue service) welcomed the funding provided by the Department of Eure, whose president Alexandre Rassaërt was present on Saturday.

“The 75 million euro firefighter plan – which runs until 2027 editor’s note – supported by the Department has notably enabled the recruitment of 57 firefighters. The financing of the Eure SDIS is also broken down into an envelope of 60% carried by the Department and 40% by the municipalities.

In the presence of many officials, including the chief of staff of the sub-prefect, the day continued with the sharing of a friendly drink under the spring sun appreciated by all, especially once the helmet finally came off!

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